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Introduction to Save a Dog and Kids, Inc.
In a world of growing violence and self-indulgence, more and more of our youth are becoming desensitized to the suffering of others.  Save A Dog & Kids, Inc. gives our youth and their families an opportunity to give the care needed by helpless, innocent and loving creatures, and feel the joy and satisfaction of giving of themselves.  The program teaches our youth responsibility, appreciation for God's creations, and unconditional love. Our society throws away pets by the millions every year into shelters that are forced to euthanize the majority of them.  By showing our younger generation that it is acceptable to walk away from the responsibility of a dependent life, and that it is acceptable as a nation to continue breeding, selling, buying, throwing away and killing these creatures, we are telling our youth there is no value to Living Things.  The most dangerous consequence of these kinds of behaviors is that we are teaching our youth to have no regard for life. Research into America's abuse problem supports this in a frightening way.  

In an ASPCA Roundtable Discussion in New York City,  social problem experts point out that "concern for animal welfare must include concern for child welfare ... Animal Abuse rarely involves a single act of cruelty against one victim, it is a part of a complex net of disturbed relationships." (Humane Society News 1986)  "Murderers...very often start out by killing and torturing animals as kids," according to Robert K. Ressler FBI serial killer profiler.  If  we all care about teaching our youth to love, value and care for life, we must provide the education, example, and experiences through nurturing, loving and caring for these helpless creatures.  According to ASPCA Animal Watch Magazine Winter 2000: "There were clear warning signs before Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris entered Columbine High School in Colorado and proceeded to kill 12 classmates and a teacher... classmates recalled that the boys talked about mutilating animals."  "Friends of Andrew Gordon, who with his friend Mitchell Johnson, killed five people and wounded 10 others in Jonesboro, AR in 1998, bragged about shooting dogs."  "Luke Windham, who killed two classmates and stabbed his mother to death in Pearl, MS, in 1997, wrote in his journal of beating the family dog, Sparkle, with a baseball bat, wrapping her up in a bag and setting her on fire: I made my first kill was true beauty."

Save A Dog & Kids, Inc. has been able to find loving homes for over 500 discarded dogs since  its establishment in July of 1999 as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization with the help of volunteer foster families, teens earning scouting badges, teens doing community service hours and teens who just love helping animals and wanted to participate in our Kids Program.  We have not only saved wonderful pets that would have been euthanized senselessly, but we have given over 500 families who adopted these loving dogs, and all the hundreds of kids and volunteers who helped care for and place them, the gift of love and appreciation for helpless but valuable life. What better way to teach compassion to our children? Save A Dog & Kids Inc. is involved in many community efforts to help slow down the rising number of unwanted pets and the rising costs to taxpayers for animal control, housing and disposal of these poor creatures.  We believe that working together with everyone in the community is the only way to combat such a monumental problem. We are working together with local Mayors, County Commissioners, animal shelter personnel, animal professionals and statewide rescue groups to develop programs that give education, low-cost resources and solutions to the out of control pet overpopulation problem.  We are also working together with educators, social workers and animal experts to bring education and hands on opportunities to kids about value of these precious creatures.

There is much to be done if we are to slow down this wasteful killing of these beautiful creations of God, to teach our youth the value of life, and slow down the growing acceptance of violence.  Save A Dog & 
Kids Inc. has many plans for programs that will give our youth opportunities to want to save lives instead of senselessly taking them. Please continue to see the specifics of our future plans.


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