Would you mind answering the following questions and give us your phone number and we can talk more. First of all let us ask you a few questions:   ( Sorry we dont have a webmaster and this page won't send to us, so please copy and paste this with answers in an email to us at saveadogandkids@saveadogandkids.org )
Did you go to www.saveadogandkids.org/Adoptions.htm ?
and what pet are you interesed in?

Where do you live? State and city please:
Can we have your phone number to call you this weekend?
Do you own your own home?
Do you have a completely fenced in yard at least 5 feet
tall all the way around?
Would you be willing to padlock your gates?
What pets have you had and what happened to them? Breeds,
ages, and genders:
Do you have children, and what ages?
What pets do you currently have? Breeds, ages, sexes:
Have you and would you be willing to attend at least 7 weeks
of obedience training ?
Where will the dog stay when you are away during the day?
Have you ever done Crate-training?
Would you be able to provide letters of reference from your
Veterinarian, a rescue organization or a trainer?
Would you agree to a home visit?
If you don't mind, may we ask your age range, we had a young 20ish yr old young lady, professional in San Francisco, who adopted one of
our very well socialized indoor 4 mos. kittens who lost him the first day,
but thank goodness he was found. Less than one year later, she moved to another apartment that does not accept pets, and she returned him to us. We prefer placing pets in more mature homes and to home owners.

For potential small breed dogs: The pet is a high maintenance dog, and while you may love the breed you may discover that you do not
have the time or the resources to devote to its upkeep. But if you do,
the pet will more than repay you with a lifetime of loyalty.

Are you prepared to pay someone up to $40, or more, every 4 weeks to groom your pet? Or are you prepared to purchase a grooming table, clippers, scissors and other accessories and devote the time to learn to groom  your pet yourself? I am willing to pay for groomingI can purchase supplies to groom them myself I am not sure how I will handle the grooming

Are you willing to spend approximately one hour each week
brushing and combing out your pet? This additional maintenance
is required whether the dog is being professionally groomed or
you are grooming your dog yourself. Are you willing to pluck the
hair from the inside of the ears monthly to prevent infections
and to clean the eyes of accumulated matter daily if necessary?
Are you prepared to deal with the cost of both routine
veterinarian care (worming, annual shots) and non-routine/emergency
veterinary care, especially as the dog gets older?

Please email answers to saveadogandkids@saveadogandkids.org with the pet
you are interested in adopting. Thank you.

FOR ADOPTION www.saveadogandkids.org/Adoptions.htm
( there are 5 pages for adoption, click on dog with bone at
bottom of pages) (come see pics by cutting and pasting this
URL in your browser THIS IS NOT A LINK).

Yes we can fly out with a cat/dog to you wherever Delta flies.
We are currently working on flying out with some kittens and a
Pommi to Bay Area homes soon and they will split the cost of the Flight. Miami May 5th, Portland May 15th, OC, CA soon.
We just made a trip to NYC to deliver some new pets to their
loving homes who appreciate all the work we go to to get them
healthy, well adjusted, trained and socialized pets with all vet
taken care of, and will give them permanent, loving, responsible,
and lifetime homes. WE just ask to be reimbursed the costs,
and then if a few people split the flight from SLC to your city we can
deliver your new pets to you (usually around $75 each if we have two or three in your area). A new nonprofit Animal Rescue Transport Bus with heat/air, custom kennels, staff to care for the pets called SKy Ark is also available for transport.

Our adoption fees are as follows:  (Sorry after spending over $25,000 of our own money over 11 yrs plus, cost of gasoline, etc. we have had to raise adoption fees)
$100 THIS MONTH FOR ONE pays all vetting)
Cats $150
Puppies, Purebred and Small dogs $400 - $500 includes transportation to your home and home visit
Adult Large dogs $350
For Dogs: 3 sets of shots, 3 sets of dewormings, spay./neuter,
microchip, health certificates
for each puppy to fly on Delta, Puppy Food (160 lbs. a month). They are in foster
care socializing and  training in the house;
For cats: socializing with cats, kittens, dogs of all sizes, strangers
and being loved and well cared for, Spay/Neuter, feline testing,
dewormings and 3 sets of shots, microchip and health exam and
certificate to fly to you.

We start the puppies and dogs on obedience training too, as well
as fun tricks
and special training with hyper puppies and dogs, so you get a very
well socialized and trained dog or cat when you adopt them.

Save A Dog & Kids