(click these happy pets' pictures to see our most recent Adoptions, and please follow the adoption pages and continue on to all our wonderful adoption stories)! 

Come see the happy story of how wonderful it is to fly us out to deliver your new pet from Save A Dog & Kids! Wow we find the most wonderful Angels of parents for our dogs and a few cats!!

Odie has the most wonderful, and most "rescue experienced" dedicated parents. Thank you Linda and Ted, who are now second location for Save a Dog & KIds.  Click our picture to see all pictures.
Jess found the most loving, experienced, perfect at home mom that just loves her.  Thank you Elizabeth
"Hello Denise,
Today I am taking Jesse to the beach.  I don't think she has probably ever been to the ocean, right??  The other woman you met at my house, Peggy, and her dog, Goldie, are coming with us.  We are going to go to the beach in Davenport (just north of Santa Cruz) and then have lunch at the Grey Whale Bakery.  We will get it to go and eat in our car with Jesse and Goldie.  Maybe we will even see some whales!!
I will take pictures and send some to you.  
Jesse loves her daily walks with her new buddy, Smokey (the Husky/Wolf dog). Smokey is very demonstrative and likes to reach over and give kisses to Jesse every 20 feet.  Jesse accepted the first few, but after that she tries to move over to avoid excessive smooching!  It is so cute.   I have to say that Jesse is extremely intelligent.  She seems to know when a dog is not friendly just by looking at it.  She also has a good instinct for good/bad people. She also watches TV just like my McNab, Maggie May.   Jesse's favorite show is the nature channel.  She really enjoyed watching the show about the walrus and actually sat for 15 minutes right in front of the TV - completely transfixed!   When dogs appear she starts to wine slightly as she wants to join them.  She also really likes basketball.  
Anyway, I don't want to bore you, but Jesse is such a treasure, and I want you to know that I am forever indebted to you for making me adopt her."

Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet. - Libby


Sometimes adopters come back years later and tell us about their lives with their dogs they love so much and it just makes us cry with joy: This is one of those special stories received :
"Hi Denise
You may not remember me, but we lived in Corte Madera and our family fostered and then adopted Pixie a JRT from you in July of 2004. She is a still doing well and is a wonderful dog and much loved family member.
We left Corte Madera and moved to Australia in April this year and currently reside on 5 acres of very lush, subtropical,  rolling green hills. We have chickens, ducks, a couple of cows, another young JRT and of course Pixie. Yes Pixie, that Utah girl, who struggled to find a permanent home, then relocated to Corte Madera to hike on Mt Tam , is now living a country/beach life in Australia. Quarantine was hard on her and us also, but here we are- thought you might get a kick out of knowing that one of your pups has ended up on the other side of the plannet.
Take care "
Jesse Johnson

11/08/10  "Just a short note to let you know how Piper is doing in her new home with

Tom and Jo  in Coeur d Alene, Idaho.  We call her Peanut, Pipe just

didn't seem to fit her. 

The first 3 weeks were a little tough for all of us, Peanut didn't want to use

potty pads and didn't like new people.  Slowly but surely she came around

and is doing quit nicely.  She loves to sit with almost everyone who comes

into the house, does go out now to do her business and has turned into

a very loving little dog.   She does not like the groomer, so we decided we will only have her groomed when she needs a cut.  We are giving her a bath

every 2 weeks and she is really very good, she lets me blow dry her and

snip around her face and ears with no problems.  

Peanut has brought so much joy to our life, we love her and can't think

of life without her.    

Sincerely,"  Jo

Our Sydney we adopted out 9 yrs ago to wonderful mom Cathy is now 10 yrs old and has a new adopted sister. Thank you for all the wonderful updates through the years.  Sorry to hear about your little girls attack by Pit Bull because of unleashed dog by irresponsible owner.  1,200 in Vet bills hopefully will be paid for by that owner.

Kit is the calmest, quietest, most loving little Poodle around 10 lbs and trained, housetrained, and just wants to be on your lap. Kit is the smartest trained of the little dogs. YOu can't get a better dog than this, no training needed, so sweet, loving and do whatever you tell her.YEAH SHE IS ADOPTED BY THE MOST WONDERFUL GRANDMOTHER AND WILL BE HER COMPANION. PICS COMING.  



Hi Denise!

As promised, here is a “short” bio of Packer’s life with me, from your assistance with my adoption/rescue of her in (I believe, about…)  mid-May, of 2,000, to “today”.

As you remember, she and 2 other dogs (one of which I believe was a “sister”) had evidently been abandoned, and running wild somewhere in the West Mountain area west of Utah Lake where people target shoot, and she and her two sisters were abandoned and being shot at and scared of people.  Her older sister who protected the two smaller ones, was too aggressive and the shelter decided to put her down, but the two sisters were adopted out. You, the lady that found them and fed them from Payson and Lte Morgan and 3 of his deputies tracked them down, tranquilized them and .saved them.

You initially contacted my employer, “Jack G.” with whom you had placed 2 previous “rescues”, named Pokey, and Squeaky.

Jack felt that the 2 dogs already in his care, were about all he had the time, and room for, but passed the phone to me.  After a brief “ordeal”, I managed to convince the powers-that-were, that I was a suitable caretaker for Packer. As I recall, you met me at the shelter, and helped me walk her out to my car.  There followed the usual ordeal of spaying, entropian-surgery on her eyelids, and dew-claw removal. She actually had THREE dew-claws removed: one on her left hind-leg, and TWO on her right hind-leg (they “faced” each other, almost like a Parrot’s beak).  After which she came home with me to the Cedar Valley Airport, west of Utah Lake. Our first home was a 20’ travel-trailer, parked at the airport. We stayed there until late December , when we moved a few miles south, to an old farmhouse.  We stayed there for almost a year, with her, and Pokey and Squeaky have free-run over God knows HOW many acres of open ground. Unfortunately, out house burned to the ground in the late fall of the next year.  I received a frantic phone call from my boss (and neighbor), telling me that my home was “going up in flames!- it’s a total-loss!!”

My only question was: “WHERE’S my dog??!!”  I was told that she was safe, so I relaxed a little, and drove “home” to watch the Fire-Dept. use a backhoe to fill in the hole that was recently my house. Most folks would consider this to be pretty traumatic, and it WAS. Looking back……..It was easy to be philosophical: I’d lost everything but my dog, and my car.  I’d like to make a point of saying that Utah is FILLED with kind-hearted people!  My friends, co-workers, and a large number of “casual” acquaintances donated clothes, food, and funds, allowing Packer and I to move back into a trailer, and “start over”.

We moved out of Utah in late December of the following year, and landed in central Colorado, and have been here, ever since.  We’ve “moved up” in the world: and now live in an “older”, but VERY comfortable RV. We still live on an airport. I was then, and still am, a professional skydiver. Packer still, (after 10 years) runs out to meet me, every time I land my parachute.  n the intervening years she has traveled with me to:  Washington, Arizona, Missouri, Oregon, Colorado, Illinois, daho,   New Mexico, Indiana, OhioUtah, Kansas, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Nebraska, Washington DC,Montana, Iowa, Maryland, and Virginia.She’s gotten her paws wet at Shilshole Bay, on Puget Sound, in Washington State. She has also gone swimming with me in the Atlantic Ocean, south of Virginia Beach, while visiting my son and his f, amily, last fall in Yorktown,  VA.She receives dog-biscuits at my bank, and my favorite hardware-store (a VERY dog-friendly establishment! - which explains WHY its my favorite hardware-store) I have a VERY good friend, Frances, who still live in the Seattle area. The day we met, she had her dog (named Malfunction, a little black mixed-breed……’s a skydiver joke) with her. Mal went to work w/Frances. Mal went to dinner w/Frances. Mal went EVERYWHERE w/Frances.  Malfunction passed away the year before last. Frances said in what would best be described as a eulogy, that “an abandoned dog had crossed paths with a stray human”, and that she was not quite sure who, had taken better care of who.    By the luck of the draw, Packer and I crossed paths at a moment in time when it could easily be said that we both needed “somebody”. Sadly, I’ve met a lot of people who are still waiting for that moment.  At any rate, Denise, Packer and I are forever grateful! Should you find yourself in Colorado, we’ll STILL be living at an airport!

Thanks again!

Mike Neslin Colorado Springs, Co.  (We think she was a Black Lab/Sharpei mix.)  She is so beautiful


They have the most wonderful, caring and responsible parents. Click their pictures to see their new home, video and pictures.


OUr Maine Coon Hunter got the most loving daddy that has had two Maine Coones and just loves him. Click picture to see how Hunter instantly tried to carry this big bag of food to get into it when we delivered him to his new home.  Tim will be very careful to never let Hunter go outside. He used to take his past Coon to the gallery with him. Hunter does well with people and on leash travelling.

04/15/08 "Jonathan and Kira came back early to meet us there.  We walked Paint and Kira together for awhile so they could meet and get acquainted on neutral ground. Paint took to Jonathan immediately." 


TICO has the most loving mom in Seattle that will take him to work in this little backpack and has special bed for him there too. Come see pics by clicking his pics.
Skeeter loved his new home in Wisconson in the cuttest little town right away.
STAR has the most wonderful new parents that adore her:


Jazz loves her new mom so much and Pika her new brother loved to play with her and his toys.  He is a rescue too and is just precious.


TIGGER loves his new mom Melissa in the Bay ARea. SHe had her last kitty for 13 years and spent tons trying to keep him from dying form health reasons. She had all this new soft carrier for travel, toys, bed, etc all ready. And even his new ID tag to add to all his tags. He cuddled up in her arms.  Thanks Melissa for giving him a safe indoor only forever home.
Nakeda loved her new daddy, great home he owns, the great back yard, and started responding to Brian training her right away. They will be attending 7 weeks of group obedience training, running with gentle leader on leash adn playing ball in the backyard a few times a day.
NIKKI 4 yr. Mini Pinscher/Possible Rat Terrier loves to jump, kiss you and is so friendly. She is just an angel, housetrained and needs an adult only home. Thank you Larry and Teresa for adopting her into your wonderful home with her big brother that loves her.  She is so happy in her little dog bed and playing outside with Stanford.
Yeah I have a wonderful Bassett experienced, home owning, stay at home mom. Click my picture to see my home visit, trip in the car to Petsmart.
Angel found the most wonderful Poodle experienced retired mom that lost her 14 yr old Poodle and needed a friend for her 13 yr old.
Maxx got the most amazing parents and Sister that have adopted other German  Shephards. He is doing great in his great home.
CHEWEY, 5 lb. Purebred M.  3 yr. Yorkshire Terrier is a little angel and goy an adult only  home that has experience, knows how to groom him at home, and will be able to afford the high maintenance Yorkies are. I am 5 lbs, loving, learning to like other small dogs, was neutered, given all shots, microchip and full health check up.  I am housetrained, and even crate trained.  I am very quiet, and gorgeous.Thank you Linda for the generous donation that will help with the $1,000s in vet bills we have had lately.  (click my pic to see more of me and my trip to San Francisco Bay Area)   Fun Yorki site:  Adoption done with the most wonderful mom in the Bay Area


 BANDIT 7 lb. Toy Poodle boy is loving and sweet. His family dumped him at the shelter and they called us to come save t his little angel because they know we will find a wonderful, Poodle Experienced, Adult only home that will fly us to their home with him. Adoption Done with Gina who lost her loving little 11 yr old Poodle Tony 1 yr  after adoption. 



Winston has the best new mom and sister in New Mexico. Thank you for such a wonderful trip. Click on his picture to see his trip.
Wow, what a perfect family picture, Pippen has the best Pom family  in Portland, we loved our trip out there!! Come see tons of pics of his trip by clicking his picture.


"We arrived home, and things are going great.  He loves the backyard when I take him out with the others to potty. He loves to be hugged, just like you said. My dogs are nice to him but a little jealous. This weekend or sooner I will send some photo's.  Bye for now, take care."
Thank you, Nikki

POOKIE a purebred Pekingese is just the most loving and trusting little boy. He was so matted that shaving  him down to skin took 5 lbs. off, needs a dental/shots/microchip, check up and is getting treatment for kennel cough, eye infection, skin sores from matted fur, and checked out his overall health.   Thank you Nikki for the $600 for Pookie's eye treatments, etc.  (his health check up with shots went well)THank you Nikki for donation from Idaho to help his eye be saved by surgery.Yeah POOkie is going to  the best Peke experienced home with the most wonderful mom. thanks Nikki


Koko is on her way up to Mom and DAd who have rescued many GSDs and last one lived till 12 yrs old and Veterinarian told us they really took great care of.  Grandma and Grandpa came to see her too and they have 2 REscue GSDs themselves and one with immune problems costing them $3,000.  They kept telling us how Koko will have the best mom who has wanted her since she first saw her online, and was animal shelter director and brought home all t heir dogs from shelter, trained them, cared for them.  They are in the house part of the family and have a great yard to play in.  Stephanie will be sending pics of the surprise early delivery. 


Thank you LIsa and Rob for taking care of me, and taking Sophia up to Judy in Victoria on the CLipper next week and doing the home visit and settling little Sophia into her new home with Pete the 11 yr old Shih Tzu.   We are grateful to have such a dear friend take such good care of Sophia.  She settled right in with the  little Poms and loves Lisa.  Her prior owner that asked Denise to adopt her for her, Doris, is 72, disabled and unable to care for her 4 little senior dogs, and Denise has helped her and her dogs, and little Sophia that needed to be spayed though she was tiny, frail, and 8 yrs old, made it through surgery, care and is doing so well in Victoria, BC now.  Here is Doris’ letter to Denise”

Dear Denise:

"You are the most wonderful caring, understanding loving person I have ever known.
Thank you ssssooo much for giving me hope.  as I love my little babies & would hate to ever have to part with them (but thank you for being the LIttle Dog Angel and finding a great home for my Sophia and now my Lacy)

I must tell you about Lacy the Brussels, she is terrible with people So afraid of them even with me. She doesn't come when called & hides from strangers. She seems to like other dogs better than people.  I was hoping when Sophia was gone she might warm up to me.  I bought her from my daughter who breeds, she was not a good breeder so she let her go.  She has been bred about 4 times & couldn't have them without a doctor to take them.  She is not fixed yet as I have been waiting for the place that does it to come to this town. They were supposed to set up at Cal Ranch a while back but never showed.  I will pay for her to be done plus shots if you will get it done.
She is no trouble at all its just that the three of them come out with me to potty & sometimes she takes off & won't mind me when I call her back.

Thanks again for all your care and concern, not only for me but animals, kids, service men and women and your dad. The list goes on and on, YOU ARE DEFINITELY AN ANGEL,  

Best wishes,

More pictures coming of trip from Seattle to Victoria, B.C. from Lisa.

Leo loves his new mom and rescued Pom Brother


Elizabeth is the best dog owner, and was totally prepared with tab, leash, crate with bed, toys, everything and she will send us pics of new home they just purchased with totally fenced in  yard.  Jinks will be starting puppy obedience training too. JInks is very lucky and loved!! Thanks Elizabeth. 
LING the most beautiful, smart and loving puppy is adopted!  Thanks Kathy for giving her a lifetime home. We loved running into you guys at Dr. Daines' office.  You are a very responsible mom.
SAMPSON 5 yr purebred roughcoat Jack Russell Terrier, please read first below of high energy activities this breed needs. Thanks Andrea for caring enough to do the right thing. tHANKS  Jennifer in Oregon for adopting him with your female JRT.


A tiny 8 yr old SHIH TZU absolute love named Becham was dropped off at the shelter by his senior owner who could no longer care for him.  He too has the beginnings of kennel cough but is a little angel and full of spunk and love.  He is pretty deaf but comes running up to you so happy and trusting when he sees you and rubs against you and wants petting and gives you kisses.  What an absolute love!  (health check up and shots went well)   His hair is so beautiful now. Thank you Nugget for adopting these two little seniors and taking such great care of Sammy you adopted from us 2 yrs ago. Come see the pics of Becham, Raggamuffin and Sammy by clicking on Becham's pic.

 *RAGGAMUFFIN 7 lb. Purebred F Apricot Poodle from MOntana Humane Society little angel with cuttest personality, pad trained, housetrained, loving, healthy, vetted/groomed. $400 in bills donation please) Thanks Brittany Rescue for driving to pick her up and get her to us.



YUKIKO "YUKI" is a 5 yr one owner who bought him from a breeder at 12 weeks old Shih Tzu/Papillon/ Terrier that is loving with people, dogs, cats, housetrained, trained little lover. Thanks Donna for fostering.Yeah he has been adopted in Corte Madera, CA and will be a senior therapy companion visiting the senior center with his human companion Ron.  Perfect!!!

MOE 8 yr. Cocker mix boy lost his lifetime owner when he went into a nursing home, nice mom saw ad in paper about Moe being tied up in grandson's backyard and took him in.  He is an angel. Thanks Melissa for fostering.

" I just wanted to tell you about Moe. My dad is taking him home to Texas today and my grandma is going to take him. She is old and her dog died a few months ago. So we are all happy. thanks for all your help.


BUD 5 yr Purebred Lhasa Apso M is an angel, calm, does tricks, housetrained and loving for adult only home.Yeah he has two parents that have raised Lhasa's to 17 yrs of age in great home!!


*Phoebe purebred Yorkie housetrained, calm, quiet, loving little one that was passed around by families that didn't know how to care for her, and needs adult only home.  Yeah she is adopted and flew with me  to Sonoma Valley, CA.  Come see pics soon.


*2 Beautiful Seal Point Siamese Kitties:  Napoleon & Whisper are the most loving, gorgeous, playful and perfect pair: Alice and Buddy who live in NYC flew me out with these two angels who never cried on the direct flight.  They are fitting in purrfectly!! Click on pic to see more.


Buster who lost her mom in San Francisco to cancer has a new mom in Mission Viejo,CA. (click her pic to see all pics and adoption story)

BUTCH a 3 yr Basset Hound/Rhodesian Ridgeback is trained, calm. loving, housetrained great with kids family dog was abandoned at the Utah shelter by his family because they were moving. He loves other dogs and is quiet, rides great in car, calm in house.  Thanks Venus for fostering him for us.  They don't come any more loving, and perfect.  He just loves everyone. Yeah he is adopted!  (Thanks Heather for adopting him and telling us how much your family loves him. CLick Pic to read his story)



SOPHIE 3 yr F. Golden Retriever mix is housetrained, loving, playful, trained and listens well, loves to jump in kennel and go for rides, play with children, loves people and good with cats. Her mother adopted her from a family in SLC, moved her to Richfield, and now needs to move into nursing home in Spanish Fork that won't let her keep Sophie though Jeanette is disabled and really needs her.  Thanks NAncy for offering to foster her. She was so perfect with her two dogs and slept on her bed. Yeah Scott Evans who's Golden died of old age is adopting Sophie after Christmas with his wife!! (click her pic to see story)



 2 BICHONS IN VENTURA COUNTY WHO’S OWNER DIED NEEDED A NEW LOVING HOME: From LA Bichons & Buddies:YEAH THEY ARE ADOPTED IN SF BAY AREA.  THANK YOU ELIZABETH from Sweden but now buying a home in SF.  Elizabeth adopted another Bichon who loves Puma and Cheeka, she has bought their tags, collars, leashes, the ingredients for their hypoallergenic diet that has grown their hair back beautifully and will take excellent care of them for the rest of their lives. (Click their pic to see more pics and story)  Thanks, Jeanine, Gina, Lorna, Louis, Lily and Debra from Pom Rescue for making this possible.  They sure have come a long way. 





TYSON a purebred  Disabled Pomeranian 10 yr old lost his mom in SF to Cancer, and BLuecross Animal Hospital contacted us to take him in.  WE flew out and picked him up. He is now in the best loving home with his mom who is home all day to hold and love him. Thanks Jean. Click his picture to see pictures of his new mom and read move of his story.



Ginger a senior Longhaired Dachshund who was given up by her mother because the husband did not want the dog anymore, now has the best Dachshund parents Trish and David that adopted Cheddar from us 5 years ago. She is so lucky.


WALTER 4 mos purebred male Mini Dachshund PUPPY of 6 lbs. is loving, playful and very active. He needs potty training, but crate training well. His 6 yr old boy became allergic to him. Walter needs a no small children and very responsible owner that know Dachshunds, and will take him to obedience training He is well socialized. ADOPTED!!  Yeah he has  the best home in the Bay Area with Maria who was willing to fly us out and give a generous donation to help the other small dogs.  Walter is so lucky to have a Dachshund experienced home all set up for a little Dachshund like him. He has a new Dachshund Sister Freida and the most wonderful mom Maria. Thank you for a wonderful trip.  Click his pics for updates and Pictures.


MUFFY IS  ADOPTED!!  Thanks Lily for sponsoring her eye treatment and fly us out to deliver Muffy to your wonderful loving home. (. come see LIly's Bichon baby Cotton, and the great home Muffy got by clicking here)" Thanks Lily for helping us foster 2 other senior Bichons before they got their permanent home in SF.

Muffy is doing great here and she likes to go to the kitchen and backyard to walk around there, eating very well. Thanks for bringing her to join our family. She is a very sweet little girl.
More later.
Lily Family."


MIA is going to a Group Obedience Class to learn more and learn to listen to her mom. She will live safely in the house, sleep in bed with mom and love her new mom.  Thanks Irene for taking her into your home. Grand Junction, CO is such a great dog town!! They ride with their owners in the car all over.


NALA 6 yr 4 lb. PUrebred Teacup Maltese F is housetrained but fears strangers. She lived with small children and now is scared and bites with strangers and children. She kisses you when she knows you. She is very loving and kisses and loves to be carried around.  No small children or large dogs please. Adoption done in Seattle area! Thanks Joyce for opening your wonderful retired home. Click Picture to see her trip and new home.


BESS (correction shelter thought older, but Berkeley Vet thinks she is only around 8 to 10) F Pomeranian angel was not wanted because she has a simple heart murmur and old age back knees. Gail says she runs around like a puppy. Thanks Anna of Pekesavers for pulling and driving her to Glenn who was driving two other dogs from San Diego to Yucca Valley and then to Bark Avenue who will care for her until Flying Paws coordinates the volunteer pilots to fly her to Jane with the Senior Dog specialized foster home for us. Thank you Karen of Bark Avenue for taking her to the VEt and getting a good pronosis of Pom Trachial cough, and taking her home to foster. You are the dog's Angel. We have her on special meds to prevent coughing. She no longer needs meds and is very happy. Donations being collected for her care costs totalling $310. Thank you Gail for paying for her Vet cost in Berkeley, grooming her and caring for her. Thank you Jane for paying all her costs of her rescue totalling $200. The Adopter will reimburse Jane and all other costs have been donated by us all. Thank you Lisa for offering to take in this little Angel after the loss of your 15 yr old Pom you rescued from an Alaskan shelter that passed away recently. Your dedication to this past pom and expenses of $5,000 for him show us that you will take such excellent and loving care of BEss. Thanks Barbara our former webmaster for doing the home visit. EVeryone feels Lisa will give Bess the best home. (Come read about the amazing transport effort and see pictures of Bess' new home by clicking her picture) LIsa is fostering for local small dog rescue that takes in up to 30 shelter small dogs from So CA.  



ZUZU 5 yr. F Yorkie/Poo is just an angel. Tiny little girl of about 7 lbs, silver shiny haired.  Housetrainied and learning to trust other dogs. She rode on my lap on the plane so quietly and did not move.  She is really a special little girl.  PENDING: Joan in Bay ARea and her husband just lost their Yorkie and are very excited to adopt ZUZU. Zuzu is the perfect companion to her Parkinson's challenged father and accompanies him everywhere. (Click her picture to see her trip to her new parents Tom and Joan.)


SPARKLE almost 3 yr old AKC Bichon F is housetraining. She came from a Domestic Abuse case, but was not abused.  She is loving, smart and so soft.  She doesn't mind her nails clipped, ears cleaned and being brushed.  She loves to sit on your lap. She has not been around other large dogs and does growl at them, so she is socializing daily with all kinds of dogs that are well socialized.  Thank you Joyce for offering your wonderful home all day/night rescue experienced and loving home to Sparkle. We loved  to fly to meet you in PHoenix and the drive to Payson, AZ which is the perfect small dog retirement community, and see your wonderful place. Come see the  pictures of our trip coming in each week. (Click her pictures to see her trip).


LADDIE was so good on the plane ride to San Francisco and just loves his new mom Jesse, his new brother Happy and kitty brother Handsome.  He makes friends at the dog parks. Thanks Jesse for the great time in San Francisco.  (click his picture to see all the great pics)

FOX  has the best parents that just love him. Thank you Chappy and Frank for showing me Albuquerque, NM, the lovely countryside ranch and showing me that you can give Fox and other dogs the most loving, responsible and perfect home. (Click his picture to see his trip and the ranch)





Hyldy was one of 8 Rotti/SHepherd puppies we saved from going to the shelter in 2000.  Her retired parents Dr. Grossman and Kathy attended our 7 week puppy training and socialization class in SLC, and then continued with agility training and it shouws. Wow, what a well behaved and loved beauty she is. We hope that they will adopt Coco and give her the same wonderful home. Hyldy is a sister of Chance that performed two summers in a row in our Kids Club.  ANd their sister that Whitepine Animal Clinic in Park City doctor adopted too. What a wonderful home she got, one that loves, takes her everywhere, trains her and keeps her in the house with them and is so well socialized.

  SAMMY  has the most amazing mom and dad in Rawlins, WY. Thank you so much.  (Click her pics to read and see more pics.)







SNUGGLES Blind Senior Maltese/Poodle was just rescued From Camarillo, CA shelter thanks to ARianna,  He is loving, shaved since he was so neglected. He has put his weight back on, finds his way around his foster mom's mansion, loves to be cuddled and loved. Needs blind experienced dog home that will never let him out of their site, off leash, a big responsibility. He now lives in a Hollywood HIlls mansion with a movie producer. Come read his new mom's wonderful description of him and how loving he is though he is blind by clicking his picture.



EBONY  has been tested, wormed and vaccinated two times,  neutered and given health certificates, litter trained, socialized with cats, and small dogs, people and held a lot.  INDOOR ONLY/MUST BE HOMEOWNERS/NO CHILDREN UNDER 10 PLEASE.

       CLICK ON Tiggerbaby's PICTURE TO SEE INDIVIDUAL PICTURES OF KITTENS!   Thank you Janelle for offering to foster them for us! Janelle does rescue, boarding and care for the dogs in her county in Wyoming so the dog owners don't have to drive to SLC! Thanks Janelle for adopting them permanently into your family.



LUCKY 12 mos. German Shepherd/Lab mix male will be neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Housetrained, loves people, kids and dogs. SMart, trained and rides great in your car.  Was abandoned for Coyote traps in the middle of nowhere.  Come read about his amazing rescue here.  Congrats Luther for adopting him permanently into your wonderful indoor, dog loving home. Luther is a Professor of CHemistry. And Lucky follows him all over the house because he fears being abandoned again. 



  Mickey just loves her new baby girl Lady Diana. (Come see more pics of his new home by clicking their picture.) 


BAILEY  Click his pic to read/see more pics with his 15 volunteer drivers!!

WAS FOUND NEGLECTED IN AN OHIO SHELTER. wE ARE GETTING HIM GROOMED, SINCE HE WAS SHAVED. hE LOVES TO BE HELD, LOVED, AND WILL BE COMING ACCROSS THE COUNTRY. Thanks Maureen and family for taking him to the VEt and fostering him. Ellen in Boulder is so very excited to adopt our Bailey and will be home with him all the time to pamper him.  She has had Standards all her life and was lonely for another Poodle. Thanks Melanie for doing the home visit. Thanks to 15 drivers and other helpers, he is being driven to CO this weekend. Thanks Melissa for delivering him and sitting with Ellen as she talked about her 4 Veterinary relatives, that will help Morti with cataracts.  Ellen is going to get Morti Booties for the snow. She held him in her arms the whole time. Thanks to all that helped this happy ending come true. Each of the 15 drivers is taking a pic of themselves with Bailey on the road trip, he sits on their lap and is the perfect travelling companion.  (Come see the Bailey page with all pics of his Trip). And look for the Documentary and book "15 Legs" based upon Bailey's Rescue and Road Trip accross the country.


CINDY is a Longhaired Chihuahua/Papillon that loves everyone and even other dogs. Thanks to Kim in San Diego, she was rescued from the Orange County Shelter and is enjoying her foster family very much. From her wonderful foster mom:  Denise,

Here is some info you can pass along to your prospective adopters on Cindy.  She is about 15 inches tall from the top of her had to the floor.  He weighs about 10 lbs.    She loves kids and tolerates other dogs.  She is very picky.  Out of the seven dogs I have here she only likes one of them.  She stays away from most and prefers to lay in my bed all day.  She is housebroken and uses the doggy door all day and night if necessary.  She likes to sleep at the top of your head and take turns sleeping with everyone in the family.
  She is settling in very well here and is extremely happy to see me every day when I come home and greets everyone by jumping up and down and licking your hand.  She loves my boys and likes to lay with them while they play video games.

 We love her and will be sad when she goes.

Take care,
  December 11,2004 Kathryn in SD adopted Cindy after Kim did a home visit and found that Cindy would have the best home with her new Maltese Brother. Thanks to Kim.


  JASMINE  Yeah Great News, Jennifer and her 9 yr old son who trained and adopted Jasmine 3 yrs ago, are going to keep her in the family, they love her and she is so well behaved.  9 yr old son brought her a bed in his room, walks her now and is just so attached that he could never part with her. Mom loves her and decided she is part of the family forever.  We like these happy endings too. She is the perfect housetrained, loving and trained dog She loves her dog brother, kids, and her mom.  But mom who is a single mom, can't give Jasmine the attention she deserves because she works a full time job and is going back to school.  Jasmine is a loving Catahoula mix of 4 yrs. old.  She attended a lot of obedience training 3 years ago in our program, and her puppies that were brought to us by the family from a little town in Utah that let her run loose in the street, have all found great homes and learned obedience and tricks because they are all very smart like their mother.  She is very striking with her spots. Her coat is short, tortoise shell colors, and she is really beautiful and smart.  She would make a woman the best companion dog.  She would be a great jogging companion. 
RIO is going to love living in Boulder, CO with mom and sister Lucy. (Come see more pics and read about him here. ) YOu should see the beautiful CHristmas 2005 pic we received.




purebred Mini American Eskimo is a love, housetrained, fixed and all new shots.  Thank you Heather and Damian for adopting DAisy and giving her a wonderful lifetime home.  She has a safe fenced in yard, padlocked to play in with mom, safe in her wonderful house with two loving parents that will dot over her. She follows Heather everywhere in the house, sits at her feet at the computer all day. She really loves her mom who pampers her, puts a sweater on her for walks, and feels she is her baby girl. 





PIXIE Click her picture and see their Wonderful Christmas Card picture and more. Thank you Jeff and Jesse family for offering to foster her in the Bay Area in the bedroom neighborhood of Corte Madera. we really enjoyed our visit with you and know that Pixie is in great hands. She goes on long walks with Jesse, loves her family and is well behaved. Yeah Jesse and her family are in love with Pixie and adopting her permanently!! Jesse showed us pictures of her past JRT when she was a baby. She says that Pixie sits with 3 yr old Olivia watching TV and sits calmly when mom does therapy. We told her to look up the great JRT club activities there in the Bay Area. 

MISHA- a Chihuahua/Terrier mix is A total SWEETIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Found at the dump yesterday. What a sweet sweet dog!!!!!!!!!!!! 14 lbs. full grown He loves people, dogs and cats. Very loving and playful. Thank you Volunteers for saving him and 5 others from the Monroe Humane Society in TN and driving him to CA.  Thank you Dusti who adopted our Toby, for offering to foster him. He is currently at a Rescue in AZ following an emergency that might need surgery.  Thank you Rhonda and Rat Terrier rescue for taking care of him and finding a great home in San Diego!!



ROSCO Come read how a 12 mos old injured little Portuguese Hound( everyone thought was a Chihuahua) ends up in a rural Georgian Humane Society, in Georgia, is rescued by a Utah rescue, helped by Georgia rescuers, and flies back to Utah with Denise, heals beautifully and then finds his new family he flies with Denise to in San Francisco. Teamwork with Georgia shelter, rescuer, boarding and vet facilities and Utah LIttledogangel Network. (Come see all the pictures by clicking on his pictures.)

Family of the Year Award

Click Bandit and Silver's New Family Picture to see what a wonderful home they have in California. 




  Click  SMOKEY N Tau Tau's picture this Christmas and see our FAMILY OF THE DECADE and learn how to socialize and train cats and dogs perfectly to be the best inside only family members.


From "General Sam Dunn" Dear Denise,

I would like to thank you and Save A Dog & Kids Rescue for rescuing me from the shelter.  If I could talk, I would tell you tht I love my parents Kenneth and Rachelle that you have given me to. I feel very safe with them.  My mother takes me just about every day for at least a thirty minute walk. I love meeting new dogs and new friends.  People stop and tell mymom how pretty and sweet I am.  We are now Snowbirds, we spend 6months a year in Sandy, Utah, and 6 months a year in St. Georger, Utah.  My parents have three children that are all grown up and have their own children.  I don't know why but some of them call me little Lassie.  My dad Kenneth is retired and was in the United States Marine, he tells me that I am a General in the Marines.  I hope you like my new hat that my brother Donald gave me as a gift. 

My parents say every time they look at me, they say a prayer to God, thanking him for your group SAve A Dog & Kids Rescue and for you rescuing me. I hope you like my picture.  LOve General Sam Dunn ( waiting for a scanner to show this great 8 x 10 pic of General with his US MArine hat)


I'm writing to let you know that Pokey (Pocahontas) died of old age April 1st. She was a shar-pei and just the cutest girl you've ever seen.  We adopted her in March of 2000 and instantly fell in love with her.  She was THE BEST companion and we were very lucky to have her as a part of our family. Her "Pokey Kisses" and even her snoring is very much missed.  We can't thank you enough for the endless efforts you have made to  save these wonderful animals and allowing them to enrich our daily lives. 

Blue Skies,
Mike adopted a shar-pei, lab mix and named her "Packer".  She loves to help us pack our parachutes by laying on them and slobbering on us.  Packer is doing fine - she has Mike well trained.  She sleeps on the sofa or the bed, whichever she chooses that night.  Packer loves to play but always has time for a treat.  Just wanted to let you know she is much loved and has a good life.  Wherever Mike goes, Packer is by his side.  Thanks for rescuing this puppy from the desert and allowing her in our lives.  ( She was living on West Mountain running scared with her two sisters being used at target practice until Save A Dog & Kids and the Utah County Sheriff's Department saved them)


TOBY I "Toby is doing great!  He completed agility last year & we continued with his obedience & tricks.  He loves his own kiddie pool that we bought him &  when we throw toys in, he gets them out right away.  Rocks are a different story... he'll go at all day if we let him!  He's a happy guy & we love him!  The reason that Tobey is allowed to go to our jobs with us is b/c he's so obedient & everyone loves him.  He's also a perfect size. " Dusti in So Cal. (come see all the JRTs adopted and great info and activities for JRTs at our Adoptions5 Page)




"Rowan( my 9 yr old daughter) and I were up late last night cleaning the house.  It was funny
explaining to her the concept of "baby proofing", except that this
baby can jump to the top of the fridge, cabinets, tables,
bookshelves.. (grin ).  Now all the small pieces are put away and she
understands the need to keep the house safe.  We also went to Petco
and purchased a new cat-house column for the livingroom, so that
Shaka can jump up and in and be comfortable in the carpteted
pagoda-type house and look over the livingg room. :)

    Needless to say, we're excited. Colorado

I'll be getting that documentation to you this afternoon.



"We are very excited about Tiggerette's arrival. We got her a very cool litter box called the Booda Hut, it's twice the size of a regular litter box with total privacy and little steps that go up inside. We also ordered her a very nice bed that provides her privacy as well. We are both waiting to welcome her home!  Massachusetts.

Hope your flight goes well!!

All the Best,

Colleen n Partner had this cool igloo litterbox and bed all ready for her in her room.  He never even came out to say goodbye to Angel and I because he did not want to leave Tiggerette!  They will make wonderful new parents. And Auntie Angela is there for them "



BENNIE a Deaf Poodle/Bichon gets the best Poodle experienced home in Portland.  He was an angel on the plane. Thanks Peter for such a great trip. (Click his pic to come see him all groomed and fitting in with his sister and deaf brother, and our wonderful trip to Portland.) Patrick has been adopting Poodles from the SF Poodle Rescue for years.

  SHUBA 5 yr  old .N.M.  purebred Miniature Poodle(not Tea Cup or Toy but next step up) needs an experienced Poodle owner with no kids that is home to housetrain and obedience train him.  His family that bought him from a breeder 5 yrs ago did not know how to house, obedience train or keep him from running away when they left him home alone outside.  This poor little guy also became too expensive for them to keep up on the high maintenance of grooming and other veterinary care costs.  We wish breeders would follow up and teach these families they sell dogs to what care they need. Thank you Vicki and Kelsey for fostering him in your Poodle home.  Adoption  with Ana that lost her last Mini to Cancer after a long loving life at age 13. Thank you Ana for your love and rescue of your prior pets.  WE know that Shuba will be well cared for and loved.  Ana knows about the Puppy Mill epidemic in Florida and wanted to rescue a Poodle: CLICK THIS PICTURE TO SEE HIS TRIP TO South Beach, FLORIDA    Update 06/16/04:  "Shuba is a sweetheart, I'm so happy I found him, thanx Denise, he's gotten two haircuts, and he loves his baths, he loves to give kisses, he licks my face, my knee
he is very affectionate, and very vocal, athletic, he flys, he is beautiful, he sleeps with me, he sits on me, I'm crazy about him, he is sweet and very good disposition. "  Ana


Hi! It was really great talking with you, you are so cool, so very nice and down to earth, and so bubblly and alive I can't wait to meet you.  I think that you are doing something great for the kids, the animals, the  people.  There are so many abused animals, that need love, and a second chance to be loved here, there and everywhere.   I like your services  idea, I think that people once again have to be educated, in your case you know your animals, you've trained them, socialized them taken care of them, and you know them, their temperment, and you match them with that special person who will love them for ever.  That's really cool, because you are getting an animal that is healthy, trained, socialized, taken care of , loved, where some other rescues don't provide this service.   I want to help you make people here aware of your service.  Denise I don't believe in coincidences, I think that everything happens for a reason and finding Shuba, and hitting it off so well with you, was definitely meant to be I'm sure that there is much more to all this. It's wierd because for some reason I have been stuck in finding a choc mini poodle and for the longest time I've been checking for local breeders, and by the way there are none, and somehow on Feb 26 I had this thought of adopting, and I found another place here in florida, and I had looked at many poodles but none really caught my heart until I saw Shuba, looking at him in his little red sweater, in the snow, which by the way I've never seen, and his sad face, I knew that he was for me. You know I was in grooming school, when I saw this teacher walk in with this beautiful choc mini, and I wanted him and I walked into the class late, and she was giving him away,and I got him, and he was with me for 15 yrs, and I loved him with all my heart, we had a very special connection, the night before I put him to sleep I spent the whole night holding him and talking with him, and he was dying, he started having problems breathing and I thanked him for being with me, it was horrible, and yet we had one last night, in the morning I rushed him to the vet, and he went so quickly, he was at peace, and I cried so much, before during and after I took pictures of him, and after, I came home, I heard him cough, it was so amazing I knew it was him, and I realized that he was with me.   Ana



 RELEASED FROM PUPPYMILLER AND CARED FOR BY VETERINARIAN FOR 8 MONTHS, MUST BE ADOPTED TOGETHER BY ADULT VERY CALM AND LOVING ONLY HOME, THEY ARE GENTLE LOVING TRUSTING, HOUSETRAINED, GORGEOUS LONGHAIRED LITTLE ANGELS, They are so playful, so perfectly behaved, 4 yrs old and neither ever pregnant. Both fixed, vaccs, Heartworm Negative and Chipped. THEY MUST SLEEP WITH YOU IN YOUR BED AND BE GENTLY CARRIED AND HELD.  Moki like so many purebred Pekingese has Epilepsy and takes medication twice a day.  She reminds Denise so much of her Dearly Departed Loving Littleman.  She kisses just like him and is so trusting and loving.  She curls up inside your arms and falls asleep with her little sister Jazz.  They are very special.  Thank you Dr. Tolliver for saving them and taking such exceptional care of them.  They are beautifully groomed and need to continue to be brushed gently daily so that they don't have to go through stress of going to a groomer.


BRITTANY  a 4 yr old Purebred Brittany Spanial Female that loves everyone and is housetrained was abondoned by her owners because they are moving from Utah to an apt.  in CA.  Thank you Ann and Bob for taking her to the groomers and picking her up from the Humane Society for us and giving her the best loving foster home.  (pics coming) Thanks Rebecca.  Thank Jeff and family in Park City for offering to take her in until a permanent home can be found.  She will have fun with your 5 mos old Springer. They are looking for a Springer Spanial puppy to adopt. Brittany is at the Brittany Rescue of America in Nevada and will do a home visit and transport to her new home.   She will also be listed at  or call 775-448-9900.  Thank you  Jim for driving her for us and Helen for training, caring for and placing her. Jim you are always there to drive the dogs out of Utah. thanks for over 10 years of dedication.


PEBBLES a 5 year old purebred female Shih Tzu is very well housetrained, loving with her owner and people she knows,  a little princess, who loves to be with one little male dog that she knows and loves to run and wrestle with him, but will growl at other dogs at first,  and needs an experienced Shih Tzu  mom that will protect her  from them. 

     Thank you Patti for making Pebbles your second child.  Bud and Pebbles love to play together and are really loved. Patti makes sure they get regular grooming. Thank you for putting a pad lock on your front gate so they are always safe and giving Denise a tour of your lovely Montana dog friendly home.  Pebbles and Bud sleep on Patti's bed with her and have toys all over the house. (Click her picture to see our Trip to Montana)


ROCKY  12 mos. Labrador Retriever mix was bought from a backyard breeder with an "AKC" Black Lab who does not know there are dozens of these puppies dying in the shelter every week.  The young man got married and could not take Rocky with him.  His mother loves the dog who loves everyone but her condo is too small and she is disabled.  She is borrowing our large carrier and crate training Rocky with chew bones in the house so he doesn't run out of the yard anymore, putting weight on him with Nutra Nuggets and loving him until he finds a new family.  He lays by her side when she comes home from work. He knows how to sit and stay as you can see this handsome boy! Thanks William for bringing him into your home at Scripps Ranch, CA. 

Hi Denise,
Rocky's doing really well. I'm having some issues with my old digi camera so the pictures I promised you are going to be delayed.  I will try to snap some photos with my camcorder. The cats are starting to come around to him now. He loves all his new toys and his bed. He is so well behaved it's incredible.
Thanks again for everything you have done!
AUGGIE was found on Petfinders by David who decided that after 3 yrs had passed after he had his beloved Snoodle "BEAU" put down with cancer at 13, and he needed another companion.  They are going to be the best of friends. Amazing how Beau's picture looks just like Auggie his first dog!! 
Samson has the best mom and brother Buddy.  Come see his amazing story and happy ending.  Pam is a 6 yr volunteer with Voices for Pets.  Click their picture to see more.

  Finally he GOT the best home in the Bay Area where he will be loved forever! Look for Ruff Rags coming soon! (Click on his picture to see our wonderful stay in the BAy Area.)

Thank you Pam and Family! 

Come and see all the fun things Jack Russell Terriers like Toby II get to do in Denver at "Fun Days".Want to see pictures of the JRT's competing at Fun Days Come to and read all about JRT's.

Sharon met us in Moab to pick up her little bundle of joy MICHAEL JORDAN  See how much fun he and Buddah, also adopted through our rescue last summer, are having fun playing ball by clicking his picture. 

  Come see how we were able to refer one of our wonderful applying moms to adopt this Pommeranian BUDDY from the Sandy Animal Shelter.  He  was given up twice in his 5 year life!  He finally has an experienced small dog mom, with no children, who will commit to his life, take him regularly to the groomers, and take care of his every need. 

ROCKY 1 YR. purebred Mini Dachshund N.M. is housetrained, great with other dogs, safe with kids, but we prefer a home with no young children and experience with Dachshunds. Thanks Capryce for adopting him with your little ZUZU Dapple girl.  They will play for hours. (CLick Rocky's picture to read his happy story and more about Dachshunds.)



MARIAH 4 yr. Purebred Siberian Husky female has been adopted by a 35 yr  experienced Sled Dog owner who has adopted retired sled dogs for 35 years, come see her amazing story and (pics with the horse training ranch  by clicking her picture), and   PLEASE READ OUR HUSKY TRAITS PAGE BEFORE YOU CONSIDER ADOPTING A HUSKY OR MALAMUTE. 
BRIGHT EYES is around 10 months, friendly Longhaired Black mom of  $50 Holiday Adoption Special for mom! Thank you Deborah for offering to give Bright Eyes a wonderful indoor only home with your other cat.  You have given such a dedicated home to other rescued cats in the past. (Click Bright Eyes' pic to read her great insight for everyone to adopt a shelter pet.)
  Click Harley and Nanook's picture to see their amazing story!



JACK is a 1 yr. old PUrebred Schipperke with one eye, lots of energy, lots of love who needs a special one dog only home with an experienced Schipperke at home owner.  He has had injury to his other eye, and after his foster mom paid $1,800 he is better.  He needs training and a lot of activity.  Agility or tricks would be great.  He needs a very loving and responsible special home. He found an experienced Schipperke home in California!



Denise, "Thank you so much for all that you do.  Yours is the finest organization dedicated to animal rescue that I’ve ever seen.  You have certainly blessed us with the most wonderful dog, our Buddah. I wanted to send you the pics (Click here to see all the Bassett Puppies,  but also was going to ask about another dog.  We really want to get a companion for Buddah, not because he is lonely (someone is home just about all the time!), but he is just so social.  He has a friend that comes over to play and at the puppy class he was just so wonderful with all the other dogs, both large and small!  When we first started thinking about the idea, I immediately went to your site to see what other loves you had.  That little Michael Jordan is just so very precious!!  I’m sorry that his trip to California did not work out.  We were looking for someone that is similar in size or smaller than Buddah and his face just keeps coming to mind."  Sharon Yeah Michael Jordan will have the best family and brother to play, sleep, go to class  and cuddle with. 



click this pic to see SHEBA'S little girl. Thanks again Delta Pet Cargo.   Sheba has the most wonderful family in Napa Valley CA.

 CLICK HERE TO LINK TO ZOE'S SAD STORY AND THEN HAPPY ENDING AND UPDATES AND PICTURES! ZOE'S SAD STORY AND THEN HAPPY ENDING AND UPDATES AND PICTURES!  She works with troubled children in Washington State with her mom and lives with Great Pyrenees experienced home.



Come see what wonderful home DOLF, our two year veteran Kids Club Performer got with Beth in Arizona.


CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR WONDERFUL DEAF RED BORDER COLLIE PAINT'S STORY OF HOW HE BECAME A THERAPY DOG! Read all the wonderful letters from other Deaf Dog Owners about their Therapy and Flyball deaf dogs!


GESSY 5 yr F German Shorthair is great with kids, other dogs and was abandonned by her hunting owner.  She is a good bird dog. But we would like to find her an indoor loving family home. Sweet with small children, crate training, spayed female German shorthair family found 6 mos ago and never found owners. They can't keep this dog, but would love to find a loving indoor home family to take her into their home permanently. . She is adopted by family who found her: "Well I must start out with thanking you for all your work for Lady Gessy.

But last night my family approached me and have had a change of heart.
They reworked our budget to include the cost of keeping Lady.  So, they
now want to keep her in our family permanently she is very good with our
other dog and my 2 year old daughter."

thanks again.

Jonathon Berger
Support Coordinator
American Fork,  DSPD


COCO (With Hyldie and Kathy who are looking for another dog to play and travel with them from Park City to NY State, attend agility classes as Hyldy has done for 5 yrs since she was adopted from our rescue and attended our puppy class with the Grossmans.)

COCO 1 yr Weimaraner/Choc Lab F is loving and unfortunately her family cannot keep her.  They have been keeping her outside in the cold here in Utah and she runs away. Please help us help her come inside into a loving foster or permanent home. She is shy, needs housetraining and to gain weight. But she is sweet, smart and loving. She wants to play once she trusts other dogs.  The family that had kept her outside 24 hrs a day all winter and skinny  has decided to keep Coco. We are very sad for Coco.


LUNA 5 wk PUrebred DEAF Border Collie was saved with her mother and litter by Border Collie Trainer Shauna.  She is the only Deaf one in the litter, learning crate training with her mom and littermates, to pay attention to trainer to ready her for hand signal training, and will be socialized, trained, fixed, vaccinated until we can find an experienced DEAF Border Collie home we can deliver her to that will continue her HAnd SIgnal traning. ( more pics coming) She is adjusting well, confident and smart. Thanks Idaho Deaf Border Collie Rescue for taking Luna into your program.



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