Nancy loves to show off the tricks she taught Snowy at the adoptions



"I feel a sense 
of self-worth. 
I love being 
needed and 
being a mom."

Nancy C., Star Teen Trainer




Our Teen Foster Trainers come from loving families who have parents with a big heart but 
don't want a long-term pet; from parents who 
ask if their kids can complete their service hours; earn their Scouting Badges; or just have their kids involved with helping the dogs because they have a great love for animals.

The teens learn how to properly crate-train a 
puppy or dog, the most natural way to teach 
a dog proper behavior in the house. They learn 
how to regularly take the dogs out to potty and praise them for the good behaviors they accomplish. They learn through clicker training 
how easy and fun it is to teach new tricks and proper manners to a puppy or dog of any age. 
The teens are proud of their accomplishments, 
the parents are proud of their kids and everyone who witnesses this great process learns the value 
of what a child can learn with a dog when properly guided.

Nancy's mom has done a lot to support her daughter in fostering over 15 puppies. She takes them out of their crate to potty every two hours when Nancy is at school and walks with the puppies to school to pick up her three daughters. Mom drives Nancy to puppy class every week 
and then to the adoptions on Saturdays.  She is extremely proud of how Nancy loves to show the crowds of kids how she is training the pups with a clicker.  She told us that this is the best involvement that Nancy has ever been so dedicated to and learned so much from. 


KUTV Utah Live interviewed Nancy and
Belle, one of two Fox Terriers rescued from the shelter because they were "too hyper." We're so proud of her! "Isn't it hard to let these pups go after taking care of them?" asked the reporter of KUTV News.   Nancy replied: "No because not one of them is worth all the others who need my help dying in the shelter."  Nancy has fostered and trained over 30 puppies by 2003, and is now an apprentice Kids CLub Trainer for other kids.



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