Save a Dog & Kids Inc. would like to thank all of the generous contributors who have helped support our many programs that help hundreds of homeless dogs. In addition, we would like to thank all those who participated in our programs for the past 2 years. 
Your contributions were essential to our positive efforts, and we look forward to your continuing support.

The following are just a few of the partnerships that were instrumental in helping us to meet our goals during the past years.

Salt Lake Spay and Neuter Clinic, Clyde Daines DVM, 
for the past 2 1/2 years has made it possible for us to Spay/ Neuter, vaccinate, give care needed and microchip all the dogs 
we rescue at the lowest price available in Utah, and in turn allow us to place them at lower adoption fees and rescue more dogs.

Brookside Animal Hospital, Karma Taylor, DVM, gives 
us discount prices sometimes as low as 1/5 the price charged 
by other clinics. By her generosity we are able to save dogs that we would not otherwise have the funds for.

PetSmart Charities, Luv A Pet Program gives us and 1000's 
of other rescue organizations a wonderful free place to hold pet adoptions with their clientele of established pet owners. They raise hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly to help in this effort.

Kinko's in Orem, donated printing for Save A Dog & Kids Inc the first year we were established. They made necessary copies 
of posters, lost dog signs, and other material.

Carol's Copies in Orem, gives us discounts on copies as well as for distribution of materials for the cities of Utah County.

David Lyman Clicker Training, gives Save A Dog & Kids Inc. discounted training to all the dogs we adopt out, does home visits to help individual families with their new dogs, and trains our volunteer teen   foster trainers for free.

Diane Roberg and Her Dazzle Dogs, gave a spectacular performance at our Graduation Celebration for our Clicker Training Class, ad helps our Teen Trainers learn how to present themselves for our 2001 Summer Save A Dog & Kids Teen Dog Show.

Bad Ass Coffee Company, and owner Michelle Boroff, has advertised and hosted our adoptions in Park City for the past 2 summers. She helps find homes for our dogs in P.C.

South Salt Lake City Animal Shelter, Jennifer Birney, hosted 6 months of Clicker Training in which 83 rescued dogs were trained with their new families. She works hard to make her shelter a No Kill shelter, and works with us to place some of her dogs.



Utah County Animal Shelter, Mike Morgan, Director, Pat, and Jiliane, work with Save 
A Dog & Kids and other rescues to save as many adoptable dogs and cats as possible; raise awareness and educate the public about pet over- population; work with elected officials on possible programs to 
slow down pet overpopulation and ensure responsible pet ownership in addition to providing the best care 
for the pets housed at the new shelter Mike Morgan and I worked for over a year to get built.

The Utah County Mayors and Commissioners, Gary Herbert, Mayor Jerry Washburn from Orem, Mayor Adamson, Mayor Ingram and 19 other mayors who have offered booths, advertising in newsletters and other media available in their cities for Save A Dog & Kids Inc. to get needed education and resources to the public. Summer 23000, Save A Dog & Kids Inc. and our teen volunteers passed out over 5,000 Pet Resource Guides with discount Spay/ Training/Vaccination coupons at the 22 City Rodeos, Festivals and Parades.

DnD Graphics, David Lant, for donating printing of 5,000 copies of our 4 page Pet Resource Guide Summer 2000.

A very special Thank You  to The Utah County Journal and owner Levar Oldham, our biggest supporter and sponsor. The Journal has given Save A Dog & Kids Inc. a free article every week under the SAVE A DOG Logo for the past 2 years plus.

 We utilize this article to give education and discount resources to all the families of Utah County that receive this paper at their homes.

XMISSION.COM for hosting our website for the year 2002/2003. 

WILD OATS NATURAL FOOD MARKETS for hosting our Dog Training Days Summer 2002.

DOGMODE dog day care and boarding for taking care of our dogs that did not have foster homes.

SALTY DOGS for helping care for some of our dogs as well.

Audrey Sprung for allowing our kids in Park City to use your classroom for classes.

VCA Pet Hospital for offering your classroom in Sandy.

The Colby School for Kids for inviting us to bring kids dog training to your kids and other Park City kids.




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