A HAPPY ENDING?  ASIA found a loving family in Park City that was so responsible and went out and bought the dog carrier to keep crate training her, came to obedience training, and just loved her when we delivered her to their great home.  ASIA was set to be put down at the Utah County Animal Shelter because no one wanted an adult BLack Lab mix with no training.


BROUGHT TO SHELTER, that had to be KILLED since there was no room in the shelter.



We got a call from a caring Mormon bishop who found these 4 little 6 week old puppies at 6am in a church parking lot in this laundry basket with a sign:  "TAKE ME HOME  Mom is American Eskimo, my dad is unknown, But I'm cute and Best of all FREE!!"  See BABY GORE who performed for 2 years with his adoptive little girl Raquelle in our Kids CLub, and GRIZZLY  who helped his mother recover from a stroke.

A Litter of 8 unwanted 8 week old Rottweiler/German Shephard puppies born in an outside "Dog Run" to a "Purebred Rottweiler" because the family thought no dog can get in that "Dog Run",  headed for the shelter but saved by Denise, three 3 month old Husky/Chow sisters, two 8 week old Border Collie/Lab puppies, and two 8 week old Pointer mix brothers all rescued Thanksgiving week from the shelter before they were set to be euthanized to make room for the many dogs that would be brought in during the Holiday. Plus a Yellow Lab puppy Buddy that a family brought to the Vet's office at 8 weeks old with his front paw cut off to be euthanized, but Dr. Berry contacted Denise to work with him to save and place this puppy with a wonderful family in Park City.    All 16 puppies placed by Christmas and in our 7 week Obedience Training Course, graduated with flying colors with their owners with local News Media channels on hand:



Every day 25 dogs and cats have to be euthanized in 
the Utah County Shelter.

Litters of unwanted puppies, "mistakes," because 
of irresponsible owners, are dropped off at the 
shelter daily. 90% of the puppies have not been 
wormed or vaccinated, and risk bringing Parvo 
and other diseases into the shelter. Some  are 
purebred, some even with papers, but the shelter 
cannot discriminate; if the shelter is full, which is 
usually daily, two to three loads of 8 dogs have 
to be euthanized. Families bring in their family pet because they didn't plan ahead far enough to keep them or because they didn't train the cute puppy 
the kids wanted , and now it isn't so cute. Even 
breeders drop off purebred puppies by the litter 
because they weren't able to sell them all. The most gorgeous, loving, adoptable puppies and dogs of 
every size and breed are abandoned or never picked 
up by their owners. What kind of society have we become to throw away God's creatures by the millions every year like unwanted  toys?

This is why Save A Dog & Kids Inc. exists. Every 
day we work to educate the public, help them find discount resources like spaying/neutering, and provide assistance to families in the placing of unwanted \litters of puppies. In addition we offer free or discounted training in order to teach our youth that discarding animals is not ok. We put ads in papers, on websites 
ad collect leads for potential homes daily to try and place as many dogs as possible. We need volunteer foster families willing to open up their homes and 
hearts to care for these unwanted orphans. We spay/neuter, vaccinate, microchip and give needed medical care to each one. We carefully screen every potential family. We make sure that they are 
homeowners with fenced yards with padlocks 
on the gates. We make sure the dog will be kept 
safely in the house where he or she will feel a part 
of the family and not learn misbehaviors. We also mandate our 6 week clicker training, socialization 
and dog behavior 101 class with every adoption. 
We make sure that every home is what they claim 
it to be. Out of 500 placed, less than 10 have been returned or retrieved from the shelter again. But we 
can never be too strict. 

We give as much education to help each prospective home make the best long-term decision about getting 
a pet. Many people don't like learning the reality of 
the responsibilities of raising and keeping a dog, 
but they need to. Though some of you may not 
fathom that so many people take the responsibility 
of getting a dog so very lightly, that masses of pets 
are killed in shelters every year; it is a reflection of 
how negligently our society makes important 
decisions daily, and the example we set for our kids. Save A Dog & Kids Inc. knows that rescuing the 
dogs from shelters is not enough. We must also 
give the new owners the needed education of how 
to raise a dog properly, and specifically how to 
train and work with a rescued dog.

We hope that all rescues, shelters, breeders and pet shops that place puppies and dogs with new homes 
will all follow our example of giving the needed education and resources to the new homes so they 
too can avoid the sad ending of so many dogs thrown away because they did not do what their owners expected them to do. There is no bad dog, just inexperienced owners who, though they mean well, 
do not realize that what they may be doing or not 
doing can cause their dog to learn behaviors they 
do not want them to learn. Crate-training and clicker training are simple and fun. With these wonderful 
tools, any dog can be a "Good Dog."


Pocket was adopted by 
Judy who has rescued many dogs on her own. She has an English Mastiff that is so gentle that he curls up with the little dogs! Pocket came 
to us neglected and scared 
but is now trusting and cuddly. She is crate-trained and socialized with other dogs and people, including kids.  Her family who asked us to take her because they had too many dogs, thought that "dogs in the country don't need shots." WOW!

Haddie's new parents 
are actually grandparents who have come to our training for over 3 months. They are training her to jump through a hula hoop, catch a ball in the 
air and catch a Frisbee. Now she shows off her confidence to everyone.  This is what commitment 
to a dog is all about.  Her original owner who bought her from a pet shop had her so terrified that she peed all over her house, and she gave her to us at 6 mos. old because she was getting new carpet.

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