Families and their kids 
get to give a homeless 
pup a loving home until 
a permanent family can adopt it. This teaches the kids to responsibility, service, sacrifice and compassion. It is hard at first for the kids to let 
go of a pup they have 
cared for, but they learn 
the satisfaction 
of having saved a life.

We have many families contact us to help care 
for an unwanted dog because they love their 
dogs so much. We provide the dog carrier to crate-train the pup, we pay for all the veterinary needs along with spay/neuter/shots/ and microchip. We also offer free training for our foster homes to train the pup and their own dogs. We feel this experience will make them better dog owners.

Many moms have found 
their vocation in life through fostering and training dogs with their children. Julie, pictured here with  her kids,  not only enjoyed training her two Border Collies and their foster dog Prince, but now runs her own 4-H youth dog training program in Southern Utah.  Sharon, another mom, gets to utilize her social work degree and love of kids and dogs to help her own kids and others learn the rewarding experience of caring for and training a dog. Many families have told us that they love fostering a dog, and would love to someday have their own sanctuary for unwanted animals. Maybe that is a dream of many people who don't know how to make it come true. Fostering a dog with your family can be a small dream come true.

Lovers of certain breeds of dogs, owners of businesses, and sponsors of events have joined us in caring for, helping with adoption venues for the dogs, and advertising the program. Stan pictured here with his foster dog Nick, came to us in Park City because he heard on the radio that we had a dog of his favorite breed, St. Bernard. So far he has fostered over 5 large breed dogs for us. Bad Ass Coffee Company owner Michel invites all dog owners of Park City to come into her store with their dogs, and loves for us to bring our dogs for adoption there. The Park City Arts Festival staff invited us to set up a booth at their enormous Festival last year. We were visited by over 100,000 people and made many new friends and potential foster homes.































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