A crucial part of our successes in placing rescued 
dogs in permanent homes is the training we provide 
to each new family. Our training teaches the new 
family many new skills. They learn about dog 
behavior and instincts; successful crate-training; socialization with new adults, kids and other dogs; 
proper manners as well as fun tricks.

(Left: Diane Roberg, David Lyman 
and the Dazzle Dogs)

Our trainer, David Lyman, is a 30-year veteran clicker trainer who realizes that the only 
way these dogs will have a chance to stay in their new homes is if we give the new family 
all the tools they need to raise a "good dog." "One of the major reasons that dogs are 
abandoned in shelters is that families don't know how to train their dogs to get the behavior 
they expect. We feel that families will like and value their dogs more if they are trained. We 
also offer them fun tricks they can easily teach their dogs to show off their new skills. 
With clicker training, a dog can learn 52 different things to do in 1 year and put them together 
in different sequences for an unlimited routine of behaviors. The dogs are not dumb, we just 
don't know how to tell them what we want them to do. This is how Hollywood teaches animals. You can teach an old dog new tricks," stated David Lyman to reporter Shelley Osterlow of KSL TV "OUR TOWN" in an interview about our Puppy Graduation.  



September 2000 
Clicker Class of
Families and their 
new companions

February 2001 Clicker CLass of 16 Puppies and their families


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