If you can't bring a homeless dog or cat into your home, then please consider sponsoring one online through our VIRTUAL ADOPTION PROGRAM.  There you'll meet Pebbles, our 5 year old Shih Tzu, who's family did not want her since she was too big and got too matted.  She was very traumatized at first, but after loving care by her foster dad, she is now so happy and ready to go to her new home with your help. Michael, a 3 yr. old Purebred Shih Tzu who's mom had to work so many hours, and loved him so much that she asked us to care for him, housetrain him and find him a stay at home mom. Bright Eyes and her kittens that were dropped off and abandoned just before she had her kittens.  Kooter and his little Bassett Hound mixed siblings.  Many other dogs and cats need your help to be cared for, transported and  posted every month accross the US where loving people are waiting to adopt them.  Our process is very strict with home visits by our wonderful volunteers, 3 page application, and letters of reference from Veterinarians, Rescues and Trainers. We personally deliver them to their new homes to make sure it is the best placement.  We make sure these unwanted dogs and cats get the best home for life!  Participate in the joy it is to find these little guys a wonderful home, get letters and pictures of your sponsored pet by their new owners by sponsoring just one today.   (We know we're slightly biased this month, but yes, there are great shelter cats in need of sponsorship as well!)


Contact us today at littledogangel2@animail.net to join our team of animal lovers. Or just send in your monthly virtual adoption sponsorship to: Save A Dog & Kids, 851 E. High Country Dr., Orem, Utah 84097.

Thank you Current Virtual Adoption Sponsors:  (What examples of heartfelt generosity and giving to the animals)

Hi Denise-
I'll check out the on-line sponsorship.  May be able
to just PayPal you once I balance my account with my
friend.  I've recently gone through a horrendous
custody battle which depleted me but it doesn't make
sense to not put something aside each month and donate
to an angel such as you.  I cannot imagine how people
can dismiss so many animals who need homes.  One
really can learn how to be with their pet and be
content without the need to be near people to feel ok,
you know?  So yes Denise, I don't make commitments
unless I intend to keep them and will get the $50 to
you - don't worry about the photo thing - if and
whenever it can happen is fine, my donation comes with
no strings attached and I feel good about doing
something really "right" this Xmas - it is wonderful
to give from the heart and know what was given is
received with such gratitude and appreciation.
I'll tell my dog walker about you and ask her to pass
it on to other walkers - Mochi gets groomed this month
so I'll pass the info on to them and to our vet as
Take care Denise and hope to touch base again soon! (Sponsorship of Samson just abandoned by his owner of 3 years)

Teresa Bulkley  Monthly Virtual Adoption Sponsor of  (Bright Eyes and 2
kittens)          $75

Mary Anne Rogers    Monthly adoption Sponsor of (Smokey, Shaka and Princess

Dyann M. Pearson   Monthly Adoption Sponsor of    (Michael the Shih Tzu)