Opening Gala At Abravannal Hall " On A Clear Day" Premiere      Cast: Peter Mullan, Brenda Blethyn, Sean McGuinley, Billy Boyd from Lord of the Rings, and director Gaby Dellal who was very down to earth.  She did not have funding and went around NYC with faith in her project.  It was a dream come true just like Frank in the movie who swims the English Channel.



"Gigi" Invited Malibu TV husband and wife team Cookie and Sam to Netflix Party at Zoom restaurant in Park City. Great Crab and appetizers. Hey is that the kid from Third Rock from the Sun? Yes in Mysterious Skin premiering at Sundance. He was very nice.

John Leguizamo is a very good actor, interviewed here for "Cronicas" by People Magazine.

Marcus is a new up and coming actor. Enjoyed Variety Party and meeting his friend Kathy Jones, who has produced many Rap bands, came out of the South Central LA gang neighborhoods, and Danny Devito is making a movie about her. Kathy called Denise about bringing Save A Dog & Kids Dog Training to the Youth of LA. 


Mr. Redford was very gracious to Denise as she handed him her Kids Ranch and Documentary for Save A Dog & Kids. We hope Mr. Redford will join our Humane Education Team.  HIs assistant is holding the proposal here.

Mr. Matthews loves Utah and he also graciously accepted to look at our DVD with his wife to help youth.

Mr. Chase was very nice also.  He talked about what a wonderful down to earth Midwest Boy Johnny Carson was. 

 Thanks to Dena Chalmers of The Leaf Lounge for being so cordial to "GIgi."  Dena works for a PR firm in NYC and loves her Golden Retriever and would love to do the PR on our Animal/Human Cruelty Project.

Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing & Charm School was a real heartbreaker.  And the cast was so warm and helped the makers of this film finish this movie for free according to John Goodman.  We were thrilled to watch the movie sitting with the cast.

John Goodman is such a great actor with a big heart.

Marisa Tomei was at a lot of movie parties.

Donnie Wahlberg was interviewed by a Croatian TV crew of young ladies.  He really played a different comedy role in this movie.

Mary Steenburgen and husband Ted Danson were very gracious. 

Matt Dillon's Younger Brother is a great actor.  The William Morris Agency gala was wonderful  to meet nice actors like Kyra Sedgwick with her husband KEvin Bacon who directed her in Loverboy.  Kyra and Denise talked about Kevin talking to Denise  about how wonderful Kyra was before he married her in 1983 while working the set of Footloose in Utah.

The Variety Magazine Party at Stein Erickson's Lodge was really great to see old friends like Mario and Melvin Van Peebles.  Meeting Producer Josh Comen who also would like to work on our next Documentary Project.  These were the 10 up and coming directors celebrated that night. We also were thrilled to meet the makers of WolfCreek from Australia. 

The Music Cafe was such a small and quaint place to see great talent.

Like Michael MacDonald who sang so many wonderful Songs from his New Motown CD as well as old Dobbie Brothers ones.  Front row seat was amazing for such an amazing artist.

  We were lucky enough to see him play two nights in a row. 


"Gigi met an amazingly talented young film maker Beto Lopez from the Bay Area with the B-Boy Connection Film.  He has been filming the complete history of Break Dancing since the 70s to now all over the world for the past 9 yrs.  Interviews with dancers from all over the world tell how dancing kept them from fighting in the streets.  Beto and his team of dancers also help Youth in Stockton California learn the peaceful dancing of Break Dancing.  His movie interviews inventors of dances from the 70s and 80s as well as community programs teaching youth of Long Beach and NYC.  We wish Beto the best for getting his movie to Cannes Film Festival.  He has amazing sponsors like Sony, Coca Cola and Pro Keds.

Sony hired Beto to demo the new $5,000 HDV5 movie camera in Park City. 

Beto also took a picture of a beautiful Park City Malamute.



Lots of very talented and nice young filmakers came to Sundance

Terrance Howard acted in three movies at Sundance: Lakkawana Blues, Salon and in his most moving role that deserves Golden Globe and Oscar awards in "Hustle and Flow."  He really shows so much emotion and geniuneness through his eyes.  What a gracious and talented actor.


The Awards Ceremony and the Last Evening Gala were really fun to meet so many wonderful filmakers.

Jennifer Jason Leigh was one of the Jurors.

As well as John C. Reilly

And we really enjoyed having Cookie and Sam of Malibu TV to share these bittersweet last moments with Festival participants. We hope to stay friends forever.  They want to put Save A Dog & Kids on their show.

We also visited the Freedom Cinema Festival at The Main Street Mall in Park City and want to thank the Festival's Promoter Keith Andrew Cohen for introducing us to the Director and Producer of Peaceable Kingdom. We enjoyed watching their moving and educational movie and hope to work together on their third project about Human/Animal Cruelty.  Thank you Jenny and James for the Movie and Press Kit that we are working on showing in Utah Colleges and Schools. 

TRIBE OF HEART.ORG is a team of filmakers that have won awards for these moving documentaries that should be shown in all schools and public theatres.

"PEACEABLE KINGDOM is a masterpiece. I hope it inspires growing numbers of people to support this desperately important cause."
Jane Goodall, Ph.D, D.B.E,
U.N. Messenger of Peace

Come listen to the farmers that can no longer put up with the cruel treatment of farm animals by Factory Farms and Meat Slaughter Houses and are now Champions for Farm Animals.  Thank you Jenny and James for inviting me to see this great film at the Freedom Cinema Festival in Park City and giving me a copy of both your movies. I hope our 6 minute short made by SLC Community College Media Students about the Human/Animal Cruelty Connection and our research will help your 3rd movie you will be working on. 

Thank-you for your email! It was lovely speaking to you and we will shortly be contacting your friend to see if there is anything that Nattu or I can do to help him with his project. It was lovely meeting such warm energy as yourself and thank-you for taking the time to email us. Your desire to make a documentary on animal abuse is truly admirable and we look forward to seeing you make a big impact at Sundance Next year. Please feel free to call us anytime and we trust that with communication and hardwork we can facilitate each other in reaching our goals.
With Love
Chi and Nattu
Zimbabwean Filmmakers/Directors

Please ask us about our DVD Short on Animal/Human Abuse Prevention Program.