Special Program of training future Therapy Dog Puppies starting for kids:

Rebecca, our volunteer is learning Deaf Hand Signal Training and wants to become Delta Society Therapy Dog licensed, and teach kids 10 yrs and older how to train Therapy Dogs and get their  Certification.  Cassie in Park City is our first student with our Deaf Border Collie Paint.

"I am reminded of the fireman who adopted a deaf dalmation from a breeder who left it to die,paying full price for this deaf dog.  For the past 13-14 years he has on his day off, gone to visit deaf children teaching them fire safety and the stop drop and roll.  Because the dog has learned sign language and because these kids are schooled in that language, they are able to communicate with the dog using this method which makes a more lasting impression.  I wonder just how many deaf children have been saved over the years because of the dedication of this one man, and his throw-away dog.  Brings tears to my eyes everytime I bring this story to mind.  How blessed I am to be a part of a program - worldwide - that can serve the needs of the community and its citizens in this manner." Patti, Delta Society Partner, Trainer and Evaluator.