Latest adoptions:

   It has been a little over a year since I adopted Tawny, who 
was 4 months old at a time.  I hope you remember her.  She is 
a German Shepard mix (one of 9 puppies in the litter you saved 
at 4 weeks of age).  I want to tell you that she is the most wonderful gift I've ever received in my life.   Tawny is doing great!   She is healthy, looks great, and is so playful.   She is gentle with kids, protective of me and our property, and she is so dang smart!    Tawny goes just about everywhere possible with me.  I'm very 
lucky to have her.  She is my best friend.  Thanks again, and good luck with all of the other wonderful creatures you are helping.  

Pooh Bear/Duke is training to do tricks with Opal's grandson.We are so sorry to hear that Duke passed away, he had the most loving parents Tom and Opal.

Even though Caroline cannot see, she is so excited to train Taz with her parents.  


A very big thank you to our Angel Donor Judy Grady for donating over $750 to our program in the last 2 years.

A big thank you to Jeff in California for paying the $600 surgery bill for Littleman.

We wish to thank our Superstar Volunteers that are always dependable, caring and hard working:

Barbi and Maggie

Rebecca and Jennifer

The dogs couldn't get great homes without your dedication, great care and love.  You are the dogs' Angels! 

Lisa and Matthew for getting your Kuma the hip replacement surgery he needed. He is as gorgeous as him mom Ginger. Remember the litter of 8 little puppies we  rescued last summer. Kuma was so lucky to get such loving and responsible parents.  He is also very well trained and socialized.  You should be very proud!  Thanks for supporting us at Dog Training Day!

Rebecca thank you so much for the great Digital Camera with Smartcard you gave us for Christmas, and for setting up our new computer!

Thanks to Judy Grady for your special contribution!

Thanks Danielle for giving Skeeter a wonderful bath and Grooming, and for loving and holding him for Christmas.

Congratulations from our volunteers for starting their own rescue:

From Hawaii

Aloha Denise:

How are you?  Looks like you are still VERY busy!  Your web page looks great.
 I sure miss you guys over there....okay, I love it here, but I miss you.  

Anyway, I have been volunteering with a group here called Rainbow animal
friends.  The abuse and mistreatment of dogs here is an absolute outrage.  
The fleas are horrendous if left unchecked.  It is truly sad.  

I have started my own (unofficial) rescue.  The place where we are living is
a two acres and Carey built some dog Kennels outside (28) separate 6'
kennels.  And a large training area.  Anyway, I have it arranged through, Dr.
Grune (my vet) - who always receives strays, Bar-King Dog Kennels who runs
the quarantine for big Island, and of course Rainbow friends.  They have 15
acres of land of which they have over 200 dogs.  Anyway, they are going to
all let me have a pick of which dogs we would like to train and adopt out.  
Pretty neat.

The humane society here is awful.  They really have terrible facilities.  The
governor just passed an amendment that took away funding for spaying and
neutering here in Hawaii.  Talk about a mess....That and they already put to
sleep 12,000 dogs a year!  Well, anyway, lots of stuff to keep me busy.

I would love to hear from you.

Aloha Tanya

From Julie in Gunnison who is not only training rescued dogs from Sanpete Shelter but training kids in 4-H and starting a program like Save a Dog & kIds.  We are so proud of her. http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/wag-n-train.html


Thanks Dr. Daines of Spay/Neuter and Dr. Taylor at Brookside Animal Hospital for helping us save these dogs!

Thanks to Dr. Law at Cottonwood Hospital for Helping Littleman and discounting $450 for his surgery to remove his leg.

Free Annual Boosters 
for your dog if you foster a puppy!!

Volunteers Needed  
to hold pups at adoptions. 

Save A Dog & Kids Program wishes to bring puppies to 100's of less fortunate kids in Utah who would not only love to hold and train them, but who really need the friendship of a puppy.  We need to write Grant Proposals to get the funding to do this great work.  Please contact us at 801-808-4424 if you can help.  After the puppies are trained, all set up with shots, microchip and Spay/Neuter, wonderful families all over the US are so grateful to take them into their family.  

The most recent adoptions are on our Adoptions Page 

Georgia loves to have her 
new Missy on her lap!

"Denise, Sophie(formerly known as Heather) is doing great! We 
love her so much.  She knows how to shake & lay down now and walks very well on a leash! She lays on Grant's bed for a while (but of course being a puppy sleeps in her crate, because she wants to chew ), and loves the kids (and anyone who comes to our house).  she is growing fast and she is very happy!

Thank you for saving her from the pound!

Sincerely Jill and family


HEATHER  is doing GREAT!!!  She is so smart.
She learned to potty in the dog yard (our yard has a special 
area for the dogs to use to take care of their business and 
the rest of the yard is for them to play) and goes up and down 
the steps to the yard (we have a walk out deck and to get to 
the yard you have to go down about 15steps) easily.  She is 
starting to come to her new name and is learning to shake hands already (I think she's really watching the other dogs do
it and is eager to do it too).  She has also learned the command "no bites" when she nips at us and she will stop if we say that-
did I say she was smart?  She has had no accidents on the 
carpet today and has asked to go outside when she needs to.  
She also has been on Grant's bed while we read books at night 
(I'm not sure who loves it more Grant or Sophie).  He can't wait for her to sleep there at night!!!  She just really seems to have adjusted well.  We have been working with her on the leash
 (walking just a little on our street as it has been pretty
cold here) and she is doing better each day!

She is starting to let us touch her feet more (especially if 
there is a treat involved) and has rolled over on her back for 
tummy rubs tonight (I think she is really feeling safe here and 
is starting to relax fully).  Right now she is playing with a 
toy at my feet.  She is very loyal already and we are so 
happy to have her in our family.  When we were making the 
decision as to adopt her or not, I prayed that God would
give us the answer and we had such peace with getting her 
and now I know why-I feel we were meant to be her family.  
We are lucky to have her. THE LYKIN FAMILY. 



Click on picture above and see 
Tau's site from New Hampshire.

Tau loves his new family in New Hampshire and they love him as this picture shows.  5 letters of reference that told us they were a great home for a rescued pup were right!  Thanks Angela, Bob and kids.

Denise loved her visit with Tau's family when she delivered Princess and PK, the new cats, to them this May 2002. New Hampshire is beautiful and Angela's family is the best home of them all.  Thanks you guys for being so


09/06/02  Angela calls us to give us wonderful updates about the whole family, yesterday was Tau's Bday.  Thanks Angela, you are a gem!

Thanks Sanscrainte Family for my wonderful Birthday Dinner!  You are like family to me.

12/2003 Wow, they have given a great home to two of our kittens. Did you see the cool Christmas card with Tau, now 2 yrs. old?

Our Hearts go out to you for the loss of your longtime companion Kesia.  




Ellie May showed her parents all she had learned with her foster trainer Cameron.  She slept great in her crate in their room, and we gave them a lesson here in Utah before they drove back to Denver where she will start the League Rescue Clicker Training class next week.

We had an excellent drive home, and arrived about 7:30
pm last night. EllieMay was wonderful in the car. She
kept herself busy the entire way, and we stopped every
couple of hours for potty! She slept great last night
and has had soooo much fun romping in the backyard
today. We already had three dogs come to visit and
play. She seems to be adjusting great, and we looooove
her! Thank you again so much for everything you do and
have done. We are so appreciative. Thank you also for
your great hospitality. We will send pics and collar
ASAP!! Thank you again. Kim and Rob

"Ellie May has finished her first class and going onto advanced class...she has graduated from the crate and now in the kitchen area.  She loves kids and we love her, thank you Save A Dog & Kids and Cameron for training her so well."


Dear Denise,

 I am not sure if you remember me. My name is K'lynn Girdlestone.I adopted a 11 month old, female great pyrenees from save a dog and kid, about year ago in aug. The dog name was icess and she was in really bad shape when you rescued her from the owner who was living in his car and dropped her off to you. Icess is doing great she just went to vet's last month and weighed in 110 pounds. Even the lady's at spay and neutered vet clinic could not believe it was the same dog. Icess had some problem but with training and the love of the breed we have worked through them. I and my family love her so very much. Icess has been a joy for me.

i just wanted to thank you and if you ever come across another great pyreneed (male) with a need for love and kindness just let me know.

thanks k'lynn


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