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(click here to see Home For the Homeless 2004)

Thank you Betsy and The Colby School for hosting this wonderful event!


Warm clothes were donated for the 31 families in the Shelter this CHristmas thanks to all the  generous families.

5 dogs and two kittens so far are in wonderful loving homes, the kids and 
their trained pups were filmed by Rapid Productions, Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers: John and Randy of Rapid Productions, Jennifer, Rebecca, Betsy, Rose and Amber, Dr. Kelly, Nancy, Tori, Heather, and friend, Kevin, Sara and Lucky, Michel from Bad Ass Coffee for the wonderful coffee and hot chocolate, Angelica and Richard Hoyt for the Flint River Ranch Dog Food Samples, Jane Nancy & Belle, Julie Raquelle/Gore Chelsey and Leather, John and Chris Gumper, Bonnie, Sienna and Cassie, Melanie Edwards and the PCTV team! 

CONGRATULATIONS: To the Gumper family for entering our Raffle and winning the Big 2002 Winter Olympics Commemorative Book!




Snuggles got a wonderful new mom                            Bobin found a wonderful new family!

Thanks Betsy for all you wonderful help!




 Thanks Nancy & DR. Kelly .                                  

for Holding the 10 kittens.




Tillie got a great new mom!     Wow 10 dogs and 8 Volunteers!   Thank you to all volunteers!     

  Ozzy and Bowie had their nap! 

    Buddy met Shasta's family, flirted with her and was adopted!

   Thanks Colby School families for bringing warm clothes for kids.

Thank you Kids Club for showing off your puppies' tricks: and John and Randy of Rapid Productions for filming us:


Thanks Rebecca for the wonderful Old Fashioned Christmas Pictures:(Thanks to the Gumper, Carter, Palmarti and Ross families for coming and helping)



  Thanks to The Beautiful Colby School and Betsy

This is what it is all about!  Cassie is doing her Baccalaureate Community Caring Enrichment experience by fostering this little Deaf Border Collie pup and training him in hand signals. 


click here to see a fun animated Christmas Card from one of our dog owners

Merry Christmas from

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