Yet To Do and Estimates of Cost


Save A Dog & Kids rescues several hundred or more unwanted dogs per 
year and finds volunteer foster  homes 
to care for them.  We organize training classes so kids can learn to care for, 
train and perform with pups as well as training courses for each dog placed. 
We maintain four national, state-wide 
and local web sites with up-to-date descriptions and pictures of adoptable 
dogs, descriptions of our program 
and current affairs. We prepare weekly public service announcements and advertisements for upcoming adoptions, solicit volunteers, sponsors and teen participants. In addition, we provide transportation for dogs from shelters, 
to Salt Lake city Veterinary Clinics, 
foster homes, training courses and 
weekly adoptions, while maintaining 
all accounts payable, bookkeeping, 
and tax filings all the while coordinating public relations, collaborative efforts 
with local communities, law enforcement, animal control, as well as other rescue organizations.  Plus, we coordinate 
incoming and outgoing calls for potential homes, advise and refer pet owners while providing care 24/7 for these helpless animals, all with only the efforts of the founder of the organization, a handful 
of foster homes and volunteers at 
adoptions on Saturdays.

We need a lot more help including: 
Professionals in Animal Veterinary 
Care, Training and Placement; Professionals in Fundraising, Management, Public Relations, Advertising, Accounting, Computer Web Design, Data Entry and Programming, Social Workers, 
Teachers and gifted adults with kids  
and animals.  And that's just for starters! 

Land, construction materials, and equipment are needed for the ranch to house, care for countless numbers of animals while teaching our kids the 
intrinsic value of loving and caring for 
them. And of course, our most needed resource for these plans and efforts is funding that can make it all possible.

We want to see programs that educate 
the public through media, publication 
of educational materials, personal appearances in schools, local events 
and specially designed performances 
by the teens and their trained dogs. 
These programs need to start at the 
local level and we hope to see them 
grow to a national level to educate all 
who are willing to learn the value, fun 
and joy of working with, loving and 
caring for young people and dogs.

There are plans for a television program hosted by kids that takes the audience 
to all the amazing activities dogs contribute to our society like service 
to our disabled, elderly, sick and 
society as a whole. We will visit exciting competitions, explore entertaining talents and proper ways to raise and train dogs.  There are many astonishing things to 
find out about the contributions dogs make to our world and we want to 
explore them all.

Save A Dog & Kids seeks out and encourages collaboration with other organizations and programs involved 
in rescue, placement, training, service, therapy, education and other benevolent involvements with dogs. We hope that 
all branches of education, medicine, 
law enforcement, government and so many other arenas in our society 
will realize the benefits of valuing, nurturing and discovering the abilities 
of these amazing creatures and find 
ways of utilizing the gifts they contribute to our lives. We wish them to join the effort to teach our kids to value, care 
for and enjoy rather than senselessly 
and cruelly discard them like garbage.

Current expenses for the program 
that exceed the donations contributed solely by the adoptive families of the 
dogs are below the federal nonprofit 
limit for filing of $25,000 a year. But 
the program is growing so rapidly that fundraising is desperately needed. We wish to thank all the professionals in veterinary medicine, animal control,
shelter administration, media owners, journalists, foster homes and trainers 
for all they donate to our program.

We hope this prospectus will enlist
the involvement of many people in
our  communities from businesses, professionals, volunteers and anyone 
who values the virtues of compassion
and responsibility toward our children
and animals. We live in uncertain times,
but if we can help our children become
caring and confident individuals by
helping the helpless and unwanted 
animals, then we have done something
very worthwhile. We can always count
on certain and unconditional love from
God's innocent creatures.  Let's work
together to protect not only the animals
but our kids as well.


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