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All the proceeds from the sale of these products go to building the 
Save a Dog and Kids Community.  Not only will you protect your family, 
but you will also help our family of kids and unwanted dogs!

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Are you and your family still 
exposed to cancer-causing or otherwise dangerous 
consumer products at home?


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No potentially harmful ingredient in our products

"Neways has pioneered and 
succeeded in providing 
consumers with cosmetics 
and toiletries free of 
cancer-causing and 
harmful ingredients " 
Dr. Samuel Epstein, M.D. Founder of The Cancer Prevention Coalition & 1998 "Alternative Nobel Prize" Winner

CBS This Morning investigative correspondent RNWYSCBSTHISAM.JPG (4529 bytes)oberta Baskin expresses amazement at the simplicity and low cost of making a common, industry standard shampoo and congratulates NEWAYS President Tom Mower on his stance on Potentially Harmful Ingredients that earned him the "Industry Maverick" title. NWYSKERATONICS.JPG (3280 bytes)
the richest herbal extracts giving hair full,  luxuriant body and lustrous glow without the harsh and dangerous
ingredients like "sodium laurel sulfate."

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Olympic Athletes and Movie Stars have been using this for years

As tested by KLS Ch.5 News correspondent Nadine Wimmer to actually reduce the look of cellulite.


NWYSLESLIEDEEANNCOSM.JPG (2569 bytes)LESLIE DEEANN COLOUR COSMETICS  is formulated with safer alternatives to or excluding the irritants and fragrances found in competitive products. Truly care about the health of your complexion and not just the appearance

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150 times more power than Vit E and slows down aging

NWYSBIODERMICS.JPG (3005 bytes)BIODERMICS helps you maintain healthier, more supple skin with gentle, natural ingredients and no harmful ones. NWYSLUSTROUSNAILKIT.JPG (2416 bytes)LUSTROUS NAIL KIT works with your natural nail, strengthening and protecting it rather than smothering and weakening it.


NWYSHYGENESIS.JPG (3108 bytes)HYGENESIS PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS from specialty creams, lotions to shaving gel, bubble bath, and deodorant made from safe and natural ingredients with no harmful ones.

NWYSORADENTICS.JPG (3108 bytes)ORADENTICS safer for your family's health


NWYSNNEWBRITE.JPG (2572 bytes)NEW BRITE natural cleaners
& disinfectants


NWYSROILTMT.JPG (2871 bytes)ROIL TREATMENT ... health supplements for your cars and trucks.
NEWAYS began developing alternatives to the homogenous soup of cheap, generic ingredients typically used in cosmetics ... industrial chemicals that are easy to mass-produce but in many cases are potentially harmful to the user.  They want safe products and unlimited opportunities for our families and friends. NWYSSLENDERBODY.JPG (3062 bytes)SLENDER BODY is for contouring sagging trouble spots, and enhancing the appearance of muscle tone and overall body contour.

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