12th Annual Slamdance Film Festival Announces 2006 Line-Up

Go to for all SLAMDANCE FILM FESTIVAL INFO  Thank you Peter, Margot, Drea and Wally for allowing us to cover SLAMDANCE and share our experience with our young readers.  You make everyone at SLAMDANCE feel welcome!  Drea Clark, Exec. Producer of SLAMDANCE told us that SLAMDANCE programming is based on credits vs. connections to make it as pure as possible.  She knew of Elliott Lester's talent but allowed the unbiased panel to pick the movies and was proud that his movie Love is the Drug was picked on merit alone.  Thanks Wally for inviting us to see your son Antonio perform at SLAMDANCE.  (pics coming) Good luck to your all. See you next year!

Wed. Jan. 25  THE PREMIERE OF THE FOUR EYED MONSTERS VIDEO PODCAST Episodes 5,6,7  (pics coming )

The media world we live in is changing.  Movie attendance is down, time-shifting television and skipping movie ads is the norm, and the daily usage of sites like MySpace is skyrocketing.  This is becoming the new discovery mechanism. Online-social-networking is the new word-of-mouth. Web 2.0 is democratizing the marketing and distribution of films and the most important aspect of all of this is that mainstream audiences are ready for independent content.  Ladies and gentlemen we have a media revolution on our hands.

DATE: Wednesday, January 25, 2006

TIME: 8:30 PM

SLAMDANCE FILM FESTIVAL Call to see if you can get tickets at SLamdance Office 435-649-9627

LOCATION: The Sitting Room Theater / Treasure Mountain Inn

ADDRESS: 255 Main Street, Park City

Visit the Four Eyed Monsters Press Page - (See Press Release below)

Tuesday Jan. 24  We would like to have everyone look at the Trailer by a young man we met at Sundance last year named Beto "Mooncricket" Lopez from Stockton CA.  This young man is a professional break dancer that goes to his local community center and helps kids get off the street, drugs and away from gang-fighting by teaching them break dancing. He has put together the most amazing and most complete documentary about the history of break dancing ever done called the B-Boy Connection.   He needs funding to finish the archiving of dancing pictures to complete the movie. SLAMDANCE HAS ACCEPTED B-BOY CONNECTION but Beto needs to complete it.  Anyone wishing to help Beto, a very talented, professional and generous young filmmaker, please contact him at:

"Thanks for everything you have been doing to support. Here is the trailer. it is the old one but you can show them this link. Thank you.   Blessings,   Beto "Mooncricket" Lopez,  Mooncricket Films


Sunday Jan. 22, 2006 "LOVE IS THE DRUG" World Premiere was amazing sitting with Director Elliott Lester known for his acclaimed commercials and music videos for Hilary Duff, Jason Mraz, Kiley Dean and who was nominated for an MTV Music Video Award for his work on Jessica Simpson's video "With You.,"  Alpine Production and Investors who where so gracious and genuine, Writers Wesley Strick & Steve Allison who told a true to life tale of the pressures and struggles of teens, Cast of Daryl Hannah, John Patrick Amedori (from "The Butterfly Effect" and "Unbreakable"), Jonathon Trent from ("Smile"), Lizzy Caplan, DJ Cotrona, Henny Wade, and Bruce A. Young, who are not just a wonderfully talented group of young actors that made this film so moving,  and did a marvelous true to life job on these characters, but are also sincere caring young adults with good values. 

  Daryl Hannah told me that she was so happy to support this amazing group of young actors on this project and showed her support by coming to SLAMDANCE.  She is also going to see a short docu her uncle has shot called "Who Needs Sleep." 

The Director Elliott Lester is a very talented director that made this movie one that should be seen by everyone in all theatres.  It reminds me of the educational, true to life "Hustle and Flo" at Sundance last year with believable actors that took you right into the world of teens, drugs, difficulties teens that don't fit in have and the pressures parents put on their kids.

  Jonathan  Trent and his fellow young cast all told me about how they could relate to the teen characters in this movie.  Jonathan told us about going to Malibu HIgh and how  the "In KIds" were not the Jocks but the "druggies and partyers" who had rich families and parents that wanted them to go to Big Colleges as they had and put so much pressure on their kids that made them want to escape as Troy the star quarterback, son of a big CA construction company owner who wanted his son to go the school he went to in Love is the Drug. Great job Jonathan for staying away from drugs in high school, college and following your dream responsibly.  It shows in your genuine character.  Jonathan mentioned to me that this kind of pressure and competition is very common in teens today. He also expressed to me that the Star Quarterback, Troy, rich kid with the cuttest girlfriend, the "In Crowd" friends really only wanted to be like the introverted/not fitting in well/lacking social skills/low self esteemed Jonah because Jonah was pure and innocent. Jonah and Troy wanted to reverse roles but each did not find their place of security and true happiness.  This really compels all of us adults to get more involved in teens' lives and give them opportunites to feel self worth, learn good values and learn to build positive relationships built on trust, respect and honor.

  This company of actors, producers, investors,  and writers was a real honor to be invited to dinner with and talk on a personal level.  THank you Shea Kerry Production Executive that keeps everyone taken care of with such genuine concern and welcomed me into the family of Alpine Pictures Inc.  Brothers Ryan and Rolland Carroll have put together a wonderful team of producers that are loyal to them and look to them as mentors. The investors on this film felt that all their needs were taken care of and were part of a loving family.  They really cared about this project and visited the filming in LA. 


Red Carpet Arrivals for SLAMDANCE Opening Ceremonies

    January 20, 2006
Notable attendees:

Larry Clark (Kids, Bully), Jeremy Renner (North Country, S.W.A.T.), Sally Kirkland (The Sting), Jenny Wade (Rumor Has It, Feast), Joey Kern (Grind, Cabin Fever), Jonathan Trent (Smile), Traci Dinwiddie (The Notebook, All the Real Girls), John Patrick Amedori (The Butterfly Effect, Unbreakable), Melissa Leo (Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, 21 Grams), Christian Camargo (“Ghost Whisperer”), Andrea Powell (Runaway Jury, Legend of Bagger Vance), Rob Pinkston (“Punk’d”), Ray Santiago (Meet the Fockers, Pinero), and more…
SLAMDANCE OPENING CEREMONIES is a cocktail event celebrating the talent represented in the 12th annual Slamdance Film Festival, taking place before the screening of Slamdance’s opening film, Wassup Rockers directed by revered indie filmmaker Larry Clark (Kids, Bully). Traci Dinwiddie, (the Notebook), John Patrick Amedori, (The Butterfly Effect), Christian Camargo, (Ghost Whispere), Rob Pinksont, (Punk'd), Ray Santiago, (Meet the Fockers).


We were so pleased to cover the Opening Ceremonies Red Carpet Interviews with actress Sally Kirkland, Actor/Director Chrispin Glover as well as  interviewing the Festival President Peter Baxter, we will  keep you updated on all exciting SLAMDANCE events and news.  Thanks to volunteer photographers Rebecca Moore and  Website/Newsletter Editor Denise. 



According to Peter Baxter, President of SLAMDANCE, "The SLAMDANCE Film Festival runs in compliment with the Sundance Film Festival so that all filmakers get a chance to meet each other at both festivals.  Slamdance also supports the filmakers throughout the year."   This is why SLamdance is really helping the small independent film makers that might not make it into the Big Festivals the first year to be seen, be in contact with industry professionals and have a chance to also be picked up. 


There is an aire of professionalism, respect, relaxation, appreciation and courtesy at this Festival that reminds me of Sundance Film Festival in the 80s when I volunteered.  When Mr. Redford would call me  on the phone by name and ask me to do something.  We were very impressed with the Red Carpet Opening Gala, and most of the actors mentioned how nice everyone was at SLAMDANCE and in Utah.


Crispin Glover has filmed many movies in Utah and really loves the production crews, the low cost, the locations and the people of Utah.



Sally Kirkland is a well known actress from "The Sting," here with Director Van FLecher of their movie "Neo Ned"   at SLAMDANCE with Cary Elwes, Gabrielle Union and Jeremy Renner.  This movie is about an Aryan brother in a mental institution who falls for a black woman.   Sally was very gracious to all Press as she told of her first film days in the 60s when she starred in the original Lies and Videotape movie before Sundance's version in the 80s, and it was way before its time. 


  This Director of "Abduction the Megumi Yokota Story" tells us how much this "Elizabeth Smart" type story of a 13 yr old Japanese girl that is abducted by Korean Spies touched all of Asia but was not so well publicized in the US. 


   Many young filmmakers gave young people advice to just grab a camera and go for your dream for all young filmakers to be out there.

  This female director, on the left,  had no budget on her last movie and is back with her movie and cast here very appreciative to SLAMDANCE.




Narrative Competition Features

The Actress

The Actress

Directed by Zak Hilditch (91 minutes)
When a young woman named Emma takes the spare room of a sharehouse, a war of possession erupts around her.
The Call of Cthulhu

The Call of Cthulhu

Directed by Andrew H. Leman (47 minutes)
HP Lovecraft's celebrated tale of supernatural horror brought to life as a 1920s silent film.
Find Love

Find Love

Directed by Erica Dunton (77 minutes)
Two strangers find love when looking for it, was the last thing on their minds.
Guatemalan Handshake

The Guatemalan Handshake

Directed by Todd Rohal (96 minutes)
In the confusion following a massive power outage, an awkward demolition derby driver vanishes – leaving behind his friends, family and pregnant girlfriend to solve the mystery.


Directed by Jeanette Wagner (85 minutes)
After five years, a father and daughter reunite, only to find that their new-found relationship is less than perfect.
Love Is The Drug

Love is the Drug

Directed by Elliott Lester (96 minutes)
The summer after high school graduation was supposed to be unforgettable...but for five friends their's is one they only wish they could forget. After a wild party takes a tragic turn, the group soon discovers that it just takes one summer for facades to crack and lives to fall apart.


Directed by Paul Gordon (81 minutes)
A young man in search of a girlfriend, a young female bicycle messenger in search of enlightenment, and a teenage girl weary of small town life, all find themselves riding the same motorcycle.
Sasquatch Dumpling Gang

The Sasquatch Dumpling Gang

Directed by Tim Skousen (84 minutes)
Young, fantasy/sci-fi aficionado Gavin Gore and his friends stumble onto some huge footprints in the woods, while two of his dim-witted neighbors hatch a scheme to profit from the situation.
The Other Side

The Other Side

Directed by Gregg Bishop (95 minutes)
SAMUEL NORTH escapes from Hell to track down the person who murdered him, but the Netherworld sends a team of REAPERS (unstoppable Bounty Hunters from Hades) to bring him back.
Things To Do

Things To Do

Directed by Theodore Bezaire (80 minutes)
A twenty-five year old office worker leaves big city life behind, retreating to his childhood home to reexamine life while resolving regrets.
We Go Way Back

We Go Way Back

Directed by Lynn Shelton (80 minutes)
23-year-old actress Kate is a nice girl who can't say no. Adolescence has robbed her of her bearings and her boundaries. Can a surreal confrontation with her 13-year-old self redeem her? A funny and tender depiction of a young woman's struggle to face up to herself.


Special Screening Features

Letters from the Other Side

Letters from the Other Side

Directed by Heather Courtney (74 minutes)
Video letters carried across the U.S./ Mexico border interweave the lives of several women to tell an intimate story of those left behind in post-NAFTA Mexico.
The Limbo Room

The Limbo Room

Directed by Debra Eisenstadt (Slamdance 2002 Alumni, DAY DREAM BELIEVER) (80 minutes)
When an on stage rape scene sparks an offstage affair the line between reality and fiction becomes blurred in this modern day drama about life in the theater and the politics of sex.


Directed by Heidi Van Lier (Slamdance 1999 Alumni – CHI GIRL) (89 minutes)
An unromantic comedy about a 30-year-old loser…with OCD, fears of being dumped, and slight agoraphobia…who has his worst day ever as he tries to find the girlfriend who dumped him, locked him out of his apartment, and started him on a string of painful adventures... including, getting high-speed... [more]

neo ned

Neo Ned

Directed by Van Fischer (Slamdance 1999 Alumni - BLINK OF AN EYE) (97 minutes)
An Aryan Brother (Jeremy Renner, CLASS ACTION, LORDS OF DOGTOWN) falls in love with a black girl (Gabrielle Union, BRING IT ON, HONEYMOONERS) who claims the soul of Hitler is trapped inside her. Also with Sally Kirkland (THE STING), Cary Elwes (THE PRINCESS BRIDE), Steve Railsback (THE STUNTMAN)
the perfect life

The Perfect Life

Directed by Sam Lee (85 minutes)
THE PERFECT LIFE follows five Harlem teenagers over the course of two years, after reuniting with the filmmaker - who was also their second grade teacher.
Wassup Rockers

Wassup Rockers

Directed by Larry Clark (115 minutes)
A group of East Los Angeles Latino Rocker Skateboarder teens skate through the wilds of Beverly Hills on a journey that changes their lives forever. OPENING NIGHT FILM


Documentary Competition Features


ABDUCTION The Megumi Yokota Story

Directed by Chris Sheridan and Patty Kim (85 minutes)
Academy Award-winning director of "The Piano" Jane Campion presents this haunting story of a 13-year-old Japanese girl abducted by North Korean spies.


Directed by Jacob Septimus, Anthony Howard (89 minutes)
Two filmmakers struggle to infiltrate an exclusive underground bike club.
Do You Remember Me

Do You Remember Me?

Directed by Alexander Heuken, Michaela Liechtenstein (60 minutes)
Do You Remember Me? tells the story of Amnuy, a Thai woman who has to make a choice between keeping her youngest daughter or giving her away to save the child’s life. Amnuy, her husband and their youngest daughter are HIV-positive. They live isolated from everyone else in a small village in the... [more]

Downtown Locals

Downtown Locals

Directed by Robin Muir, Rory Muir (82 minutes)
Why can't a man stand and perform? Follow six unique subway performers as they struggle to earn a living and defend their right to perform in New York City's underground. Among those you'll meet are the Mercury Man, a struggling actor who stands motionless for hours at a time; Julio, a Colombian... [more]

The Empire In Africa

The Empire In Africa

Directed by Philippe Diaz (87 minutes)
The story of the unjust war the international community waged against civil war stricken Sierra Leone.
Forgiving Dr Mengele

Forgiving Dr. Mengele

Directed by Bob Hercules & Cheri Pugh (80 minutes)
The story of Auschwitz survivor Eva Kor whose controversial decision to forgive the Nazi perpetrators caused a firestorm of criticism.
The Holy Modal Rounders

Holy Modal Rounders... Bound to Lose

Directed by Sam Wainwright Douglas, Paul Lovelace (87 minutes)
After 40 years of unpredictable live shows, drug addictions & breakdowns, psychedelic folk rock legends, The Holy Modal Rounders survived one of the strangest careers in music. With appearances by former Rounders drummer, playwright/actor Sam Shepard, Dennis Hopper, John Sebastian of ‘The Lovin’... [more]


Stroke (Am seidenen Faden)

Directed by Katarina Peters (111 minutes)
Destiny Stroke � an autobiographical document about an amazing couple � and the healing powers of love and music.
The Great Happiness Space

The Great Happiness Space: Tale of an Osaka Love Thief

Directed by Jake Clennell (75 minutes)
A remarkably candid look at the complex relationships between men and women in Japan's adult entertainment industry: clubs for women staffed by young male hosts.

Four Eyed Monsters Press
Press Quotes - Press Links - Audience Reactions - Press Releases - High-res Images - Press Contact

Press Releases

We now have a publicist working with us named Katie Rosin of Kampfire Films and she has released the below press releases:




PARK CITY, UTAH - (January 23, 2006) – Trend-setting filmmakers, Susan Buice and Arin Crumley, of the cult hit, Four Eyed Monsters, announce today that their film has been chosen for the launch of Withoutabox's new division called the Distribution  Lab, designed to facilitate a filmmaker's ability to self distribute films. Withoutabox, Inc. is best known for its signature International Film Festival Submission System, which boasts a network of more than 75,000 filmmakers in 200 countries and over 1,800 film festivals.

Arin Crumley feels, "the digital media revolution is making it possible for distribution to be automatic, a non-issue, just a click of a button, so filmmakers can get back to making films. We are glad to be a part of Withoutabox, who is taking distribution in that direction."

Above: Arin Crumley & Susan Buice (directors of "Four Eyed Monsters), David Straus from Withoutabox, and Jacques Thelemaque (director of the Sundance '06 short "Transaction," the feature film "The Dogwalker" and a staffer at Withoutabox).
Photo provided by Withoutabox

Crumley and Buice have built an audience base for their film with a video podcast series chronicling the creative struggles of filmmaking, their personal relationship, their journey on the film festival circuit, and eventually building have built a relationship with that audience through the video podcast. The podcast has been downloaded through iTunes or Myspace over 150,000 in a two month period.

Susan Buice said, "With an average of 50,000 downloads per episode of the Four Eyed Monsters video podcast there is an obvious demand for our feature film  to be released. Rather then hand over all of our hard work, building a fan base, to a distribution company, we plan to sell directly to our audience .  We will use any proceeds to get out of the credit card debt we incurred from making the film and hopefully build a budget for our next film, which is already in progress.

The Distribution Lab is a new system, used by filmmakers, to self distribute independent films.  The Lab provides filmmakers with expertise and infrastructure to distribute films using a suite of pioneering distribution techniques such as Demand Ticketing, Social Network Marketing, Active Audience, Fractured Rights, Perpetual Catalog Management, Pay-to-Play Accounting, and more.  The Lab will leverage online social networks such as MySpace and Audience - a new proprietary product from Withoutabox – to provide a discovery mechanism for an intimate connection to be established with a core audience that will support films in their release. The
Lab also provides for DVD and downloadable distribution.

"Four Eyed Monsters is a natural fit for the Lab," said David Straus, CEO of Withoutabox. "Arin and Susan are extremely talented as filmmakers , savvy self-promoters, committed to holding onto their rights, and they've already used Withoutabox successfully to manage their festival run." 


Straus and Neulight will discuss more details of the Lab in a distribution panel sponsored by the Queer Lounge Tuesday at 2:30pm, then again during a Slamdance / Four Eyed Monsters event at 8:30pm Wednesday, January 25, 2006 at the Treasure Mountain Inn, 255 Main St., Park City, Utah.








For More Information on Four Eyed Monsters, to set up interviews, receive an EPK-DVD, view digital press kit and photos, or any other inquires please contact Katie Rosin at 917-562-5670 or krosin(at)


For More Information on Withoutabox, contact Jeanette Liang, Media Representative at 818-703-9202 or Jeanette(at)





Tuesday, January 24, 2006  
come watch a great video of Josh Hartnett and Lucy Liu talk about making movies, their favorite things about movies and their movie at Sundance. Sign up for daily newsletter and links at:  
Celeb Watch: Lucy Liu and Josh Hartnett talk love scenes in Unscripted

Mon Jan 23:

Note worthy
Sundance parties tune up


Sure, Sundance revelers are talking about movies -- and how many of them are dividing opinions -- but there's also been a lot of jazz about music.

At Sunday's Lionsgate fete for "Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man," execs and talent alike were waiting for Neil Young to arrive. He didn't, but U2's the Edge did, along with Nick Cave and former bandmates Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers.

Cave is featured in the Cohen doc and also is in town for "The Proposition," which he penned and scored. He and pic's thesps Guy Pearce, Danny Huston and Tom Budge managed to squeeze into ICM's blowout on Friday, where DJs kept the decibel levels high most of the night.

Liz Phair and Dave Matthews showed up at the UTA/Amazon fete Sunday to catch Hasidic hip-hop/reggae sensation Matisyahu play.

Sting and wife Trudie Styler hit the dance floor at Motorola's Late Night Lounge Saturday.

"There's more swag up here than movies," Styler said of the general fest scene. When Styler, a big supporter of environmentalist causes, was asked to pose with a Hummer at one of the swag dens, she declined: "Could you imagine the queen of the rain forest in a Hummer?"

Styler is in town for "A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints," which she produced. Sting is an exec producer on the pic and also at the fest to support former bandmate Copeland, who directed a doc about the Police.

Sting and Styler also popped by Glamour mag's party Saturday for Gwyneth Paltrow, who made her directorial debut at the fest (short film "Dealbreaker," co-directed by Mary Wigmore).

Sneaks hit peak at Sundance fest
by Ian Mohr, Variety
At Sundance each year there is both snow and subterfuge. This weekend, for example, many potential buyers complained there was nothing worth seeing, while others candidly admitted they had already seen almost everything. Read more

Fest is betting on niche shifts
by Pamela McClintock and Ian Mohr, Variety
Considering the storm of changes at studio specialty arms in recent months, the hunger for acquisitions at the Sundance fest, which opens today in Park City, Utah, should be evident. This edition of Sundance is the first for Harvey and Bob Weinstein's new venture, just as it's the first for the reconfigured Miramax they left behind at Disney, now run by Daniel Battsek. Read more.

Who's your sugar daddy?
by Anthony Kaufman, Variety
The fluctuation of independent films may not be a leading economic indicator, but it should be: This year's Sundance Dramatic Competition crop is testament to the increasing number of wealthy individuals with cash to burn, not to mention the overall growth business of low-budget movies. Read more

Variety's buzz picks
by Sharon Swart and Ian Mohr, Variety
As always, the potential Sundance pickups industryites are buzzing about are films packed with familiar names.
Read more.
  Friends With Money
with Jennifer Aniston, Catherine Keener

by Todd McCarthy
Very much in the femme-centric vein of the writer-director Nicole Holofcener's 2001 debut feature 'Lovely and Amazing,' new picture offers an agreeable grazing menu of smart dialogue, wry observational humor and bright characterizations, but doesn't end up feeling like a full meal. Read more.


by Leslie Felperin
Committed Brit docu-helmer Rex Bloomstein continues his career long engagement with anti-Semitism and the Holocaust in 'KZ,' a low-key but increasingly disturbing portrait of contempo guides and visitors at the Nazi concentration camp Mauthausen, and villagers in the Austrian town. Strong subject and unfussy execution should gain pic wide currency on fest circuit before eventual airings on upmarket TV. Read more.

Leonard Cohen I'm Your Man

by Robert Koehler
'Leonard Cohen I'm Your Man' proves that few can maneuver one of Cohen's dusky, lovelorn songs like Cohen himself. Artfully intercutting a wide-ranging interview with the Canadian songwriter and a highly erratic tribute show lensed live at the Sydney Opera House, pic is essential material for fans, but far less effective as a draw for new, younger listeners. Read more.

A Little Trip to Heaven
with Forest Whitaker, Julia Stiles

by Dennis Harvey
The dour humor that marked Icelandic thesp-turned-director Baltasar Kormakur's '101 Reykjaviik' and 'The Sea' isn't enough to salvage -- or cohere -- his English-language 'A Little Trip to Heaven.' Rural noir, ostensibly set in northern Minnesota but mostly shot in Iceland, is a classic case of directorial talent lost in translation. As with many other maiden efforts abroad, this one feels like ESL Cinema, its narrative gone murky, characters undeveloped, sense of place dislocated, fuzzy overall intent ill-compensated for by quirky touches. Read more.

The Proposition
with Guy Pearce, Ray Winstone

by Richard Kuipers
The revisionist Western rides into the 1880s Australian outback. Toplining Guy Pearce as an outlaw whose sins will be pardoned if he kills his brother, pic's nihilism places it in the genre's 'Deadwood' corral. Though its unremittingly bleak tone and bouts of graphic violence make B.O. paydirt unlikely, this robust Oz-U.K. co-production scripted by rock figure Nick Cave should find hitching posts in numerous frontiers. Read more.