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PILOTS NEEDED: FLYING PAWS coordinates volunteer pilots to help special needs and senior dogs in danger to get to rescues nationwide.



2004 authorized Utah wildlife rehabilitators 


Hotels - Dog Friendly Hotels Kennesaw Georgia
NetiHotell website provides the latest information about hotels in all the whole world

Transporting Animals Guidelines
Save A Pet National Adoption Site helping find places for KATRINA Dogs and Cats! Come Watch Drew Barrymore and Friends & Sing Along at:

Come read how you can help Feral Cats in your community.

BARK AVENUE FOUNDATION Dog Boarding in Downtown LA gives discount boarding, volunteers its employees to get rescued dogs to vets for transportation health certificates, and is wonderful. They have 78 runs and 12 isolation ones. Thanks Karen/Lisa for helping us save So CA dogs.




In addition to The Humane Society of the United States and numerous animal experts, the U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) issued a statement in the July 2, 1996, Federal Register against tethering:

"Our experience in enforcing the Animal Welfare Act has led us to conclude that continuous confinement of dogs by a tether is inhumane. A tether significantly restricts a dog's movement. A tether can also become tangled around or hooked on the dog's shelter structure or other objects, further restricting the dog's movement and potentially causing injury."


Environmental Defense
Finding the Ways that Work


30 Years of Raising Hell... to Save the Planet


National Audubon Society
Dedicated to the Protection of Birds, Other Wildlife, and Habitat


The Law Firm for the Environment


National Parks Conservation Association
Protecting Parks for Future Generations


Physicians for Social Responsibility
Where Environment and Health Converge.


Sierra Club
Protecting Natural Environments for our Families, for our Future


The Wilderness Society
Protecting America's Wild Places


World Wildlife Fund
Working Together, We Can Leave our Children a Living Planet

Come help save our waters from Mercury and Sewage Earth Week April 19th to 23rd. Go to link below and read more.


Friends of the Earth
United with 1 million activists in 70 countries.


League of Conservation Voters
Protecting the Environment through Political Action


National Environmental Trust
The Environmental Action Network for the 21st Century


American Rivers
Bringing Rivers to Life


National Wildlife Federation
People and Nature: Our Future is in the Balance


Natural Resources Defense Council
The Earth's Best Defense


The Ocean Conservancy
Advocates for Wild, Healthy Oceans


The State PIRGs
A National Network of Environmental and Consumer Advocacy Groups


Union of Concerned Scientists
Citizens and Scientists for Environmental Solutions Helping Homeless People and Homeless Cats in Washington D.C. Congrats Joanna!

Paws Up For Animal Summit
By Steve Dale

Atlanta, GA."My patient was very ill with cancer, but he was determined to return to Max," said Dr. Edward Creagan, professor of medical oncology at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, where he previously served as president. "I figured he was talking about his son, Max, or Maxine his wife. It turns out he was talking about his dog Max. We can no longer ignore the medical significance of the bond people have with their pets."

Come read more and see this Animal Planet Show:

Come to the most extensive Kids Loving Dogs Website:  How To Love Your Dog©

Parents, Teachers,

Together we can help adopting families better cope with their new dogs and create responsible, caring, lifetime homes at the same time     



Find out how a Utah family is not only saving orphaned bear cubs like BART THE BEAR, but also with their VITAL GROUND Foundadion, helping save our wilderness, our wild animals, and in turn saving the human race.

Kids Planet is a fun place to learn about animals, watch the cool animations, hear the sounds of animals and play the cool games.
Dog Owner's Guide: The gift of the pre-owned dog

Jacqueline F. O'Neil /Hardcover/1997;

The Complete Dog Book for Kids ...

Get newspaper for kids about being kind to animals in your classroom;

BKA Kid Contest

Nominate a Kind Kid Today!
Meet the winners from 2002 and 2003!

How can you Be Kind to Animals?



Come see our profile and great tips for pet care!

Want to take your pet on the road, come see where they are welcome:

Link here to some progressive businesses that are pet friendly.

  Dog Training in United Kingdom  They have a free advice help line:
Free Advice Line

or click here for free advice.

Defenders of Wildlife great website to learn about the world's animals.  


    PETA kids section on helping animals' rights.


President George W. Bush
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
Phone: (202) 456-1111
Fax: (202) 456-2461
Email  |  Web Site
FL\S\Hatch_Orrin_165279_1.jpg Senator Orrin G. Hatch
United States Senate 104 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510-0001
Phone: (202) 224-5251
Fax: (202) 224-6331
Email |Web Site | More Information
FL\S\Bennett_Robert_165280_1.jpg Senator Robert F. Bennett
United States Senate 431 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510-0001
Phone: (202) 224-5444
Fax: (202) 228-1168
Email |Web Site | More Information
FL\H\ Representative Christopher B. Cannon
United States House of Representatives 118 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-7751
Fax: (202) 225-5629
Email | Web Site | More Information



No More Homeless Pets in Utah

Apply for your discount Spay/Neuter Coupons and Feral Cat 

Catch and Release Coupons

Intermountain Therapy Animals

The Delta Society National Therapy Dog Association

Companion Golden Retriever Rescue

Friends In Need

Northern Utah 
German Shepherd Dog Rescue

Utah County Animal Shelter website.

The Helping Paw Society
List of all Utah Shelters

Humane Society of Utah

Utah Doberman Rescue

Uintah Animal Care

Utah Greyhound Rescue

How to Love Your Dog
Many activities for  kids
How To Love Your Dog.Com

Samoyed Rescue of Utah

National Pet Adoption Site

Wasatch Humane

Helpful Dog Info

Guide to Your Dog - Discovery Channel

Puppy Finder

Southwest Utah - Angels for Animals

Vizsla Rescue

Learn about your pet's health

 COWBOY TEDS KIDS CLUB        HEART DOG/CAT RESCUE                                            (HELPING TOOELE CTY. SHELTER)

                    I hope that the following information and links provides you with a true understanding of PET STORE PETS and PUPPY MILLS & THEIR BROKERS so in your heart you will know that the only place to buy a puppy is from a reputable breeder who loves and cares for their dogs.

Click On The Following Link For Timely Information On

Click On This Link For information On


We’ve added 36 new products to the ASPCA Learning To Care catalog.  Teachers, librarians, animal-welfare workers and parents are invited to shop online for ASPCA-approved  pet care books and videos, standards-based classroom aids, educational flyers, bookmarks and guides for shelters.


  • The ASPCA Henry Bergh Children’s Book Award Winners — These outstanding works were given our award for excellence in humane children’s literature.
  • Careers working with animals — These books guide students through the many career choices available to those interested in working with animals.
  • Coping with pet loss — Help children cope with the loss of a beloved companion with these gentle, age-appropriate books.
  • Excel-erated Learning — This book makes the science of animal learning accessible to people who teach dogs, as well as to anyone fascinated by animal behavior.
  • Shelter Guides — Learn how to provide better behavioral and mental enrichment for the animals in your care; increase lasting adoptions; and make a business plan for your shelter. Five new guides are available.

    Have any colleagues or friends who would be interested in the ASPCA Learning To Care catalog? Please forward this e-mail to them. You can also request a printed catalog online or by writing to ASPCA Learning To Care, 424 East 92nd Street, New York, NY 10128-6804. And please tell the children in your life about Animaland, the ASPCA's website for kids.



Help For Deaf Dogs, Hand Signals, and more. Need a Deaf Dog rescued email

The Four Paws Inn Deaf, Blind and all Kinds of Training for Dogs in Arizona

Check out the US Olympic Team Newsletter:US ROOTS Berets for only $15 and Bid to meet Apollo Ohno   BUNNY RESCUE OF UTAH


These associations help people with financial difficulties to pay their vets bills.


You need to call all these groups and leave very heartfelt messages about your lovely animal and what you are doing for him, you can call at night cause there mostly answering machines.


LAPAWS {760} 247-5312, usually will send up to $200.00 for vet care, they have no message machine, so you have to keep calling till the lady answers, but she’s very sweet.


UNITED ANIMAL NATIONS (800) 440-3277, call leave a message, they will want a bill faxed to them, they will give $100.00 when they have it.


VSA (818) 789-1795


SADDLEBACK HUMANE...(949) 262-5859


RUFF... (949) 458-9663,


FUND FOR INDIGENT ANIMALS... (619 ) 466-0426


NOAHS BARK (310) 643-0104


ALF (562) 948-4974


LEND A PAW… (760) 327-4458,


BARK... (909) 797-2072,


A good rescue group in the south bay who maybe can help

PERFECT PARTNERS (310) 370-0526, (310) 638-6430, (310) 519-7864


JEAN SCOCCHIMORRO lives in the south bay (310) 503-4719, she has a good vet, who also may help out.


MUCH LOVE ANIMAL RESCUE,  (310) 636 -9115


ANIMAL AVENGERS  (323) 655-4220




Dog Owner's Guide: Kids and Dogs: A Common Sense Approach
... immediate response to the command "leave it!" could save ... interpret the dog's body
language and when the dog ... When they're old enough to understand, kids should ...
Description: Article on dog instincts, children, and why dogs may bite, from a Dog Owner's Guide.

Yahooligans - Kid's Almanac - Animals

Lycos Kid's Network - Animals

CBC4Kids - The Pet Arena -

CBC is Canada's Largest News Network

Kids Love 2 Learn - A Curriculum Up to Grade

 6-Created by Teachers

                        Scroll down on the following link and learn about the world environment: (Daily News)

Get Daily Caring for Earth News at Zooish. News headlines about Greenpeace, the Environment, and Pollution. Get Daily Caring for Earth News at Zooish. News headlines about Greenpeace, the Environment, and Pollution.

San Diego is a great place to travel with a dog!

One of the best places in San Diego to take dogs for some off leash
fun is the dog beach in Del Mar. This is a beautiful spot just a
minute from the I-5 freeway. Exit Via de la Valle and head west.
Drive about a half mile, past the Del Mar racetrack on your left,
and turn left (south) onto the PCH/101. You will immediately see the
dog beach on your right. Park anywhere along the street; pack some
bags, toy(s), and water; and head for the surf. At low tide you can
walk quite a ways along the beach. Plenty of well-behaved dogs &
friendly owners for you both to meet and greet along the way. You
can follow it up with a slice of pizza at Pizza Port - located less
than a mile north on the 101 - and its dog-friendly outdoor patio
seating. Enjoy!

DoggieDay San Diego is a professional pet services company available
for dog walking, dog playgroups, cat care, and all your pet's needs.
We are happy to provide hotel visits for pets traveling with you.
DoggieDay can be reached at 858.793.PETS and you can learn more at

K-NINE SOLUTIONS.  Advanced animal care. Focused problem solving.           24hrs....
Training , boarding - full service kennel with large outdoor area , rain or shine . Home style environment. Daycare ,

supervised- (socialized) play-dates, house/petsitting (canine) pick-up & drop off ..

Private training sessions in your home / area . Get the results you are looking for ...
Weekend intensive primer +  6 sessions - package ....    Upstate nature trips - ASK
Over 20 yrs exp. , Canine & Reptile , rescue - rehabilitation specialist  -
Training = investment & insurance .
Contact Roland Fox at 646.320.9835 -  -

Transportation Resources 

Our next transport run will leave Denver Colorado o­n April 28th 2004. All transport request placed before April 15th will be at the 30 day discount advance pay rate.

Our tentitive routing is:

Denver CO - Salina KS - Wichita KS - Oklahoma City OK - Richardson TX - Little Rock AR - Memphis TN - Nashville TN - Atlanta GA - Greenville SC - Charlotte NC - Charleston WV - Harrisburg PA - Allentown PA - Syracuse NY - Rochester NY - Buffalo NY - Cleveland OH - Columbus OH - Indianapolis IN - St. Louis MO - Kansas City MO - Lincoln NE - Denver CO.

Other Stops under consideration - leaving May 5th 2004:

Denver CO - Butte MT - Seattle WA - Portland OR - Los Angles CA - Las Vegas NV - Denver CO.

The Miami-Dade County Animal Services facility is on course for handling over 30,000 of the county's homeless pets for year 2003.

The Miami Dade Rescue Railroad's sole purpose is to open the lines of communication that will allow the rescue of more of Miami-Dade's homeless pets. MIAMI-DADE COUNTY ANIMAL SERVICES
Address: 7401 NW 74th St., Miami, 33166

To pull as a rescue from the Miami Shelter you will need to send your 501(c)(3) papers to:
Rescue Coordinator, Julian, at 305-884-1101, x241, fax: 305-884-3447. Email -

Hours: Adoption and redemption Mon through Fri, 11am to 7pm, and Sat and Sun, noon to 5pm

Currently there are over 500 homeless pets a week who go through Miami-Dade, without rescue only 1 in 5 have any hope to survive

For those rescuers who are interested in helping the homeless pets at Miami Animal Control, the Miami-Dade Rescue Railroad has put together the following helpful information.

If you pull an unaltered animal, your rescue must send proof to MAC that the animal has been spayed/neutered. Or you can have the animal neutered at the shelter before pulling.

The charge for pulling by a rescue is $18.25, that includes the rabies shot, spay/neuter surgery, DA2PL+CPV vaccines, Bordetella, and Strongid T for deworming.

As far as transport is concerned, We can not transport long distances, if your rescue is in Florida we have volunteers that can arrange to meet you halfway.


Rescue transport bulletin board:
You can post rescue transport needs and/or volunteer to help transport a dog.

Truckers Transport List for pets in need, especially puppymill dogs needing to ge! t ! to their forever homes.

Rolling Rescue:
A group of volunteer truckers who transport dogs along with their cargo.

California Rescue Railroad:
The purpose of this website is to network animal lovers and rescuers throughout California and neighboring states and Canada, in an attempt to transport dogs in need to new homes, foster homes, or rescue groups.

Rescue Organizations (Breed Specific)

Below are links to a few of the most frequently used breed-specific rescue organizations. Also, maintains an extensive list of individuals who do breed-specific rescue work.

Akita Rescue Society of America

Alaskan Malamute
Alaskan Malamute Rescue of Georgia, Inc.

Australian Shepherd
Aussie Rescue and Placement Helpline in Georgia

Basenji Rescue and Transport, Inc. (BRAT)

SOS Beagle Rescue, Inc.
Dayton, TN 37321
(423) 570-7660

Basset Hound
Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia, Inc.
Kennesaw, Georgia
(770) 499-1164

Border Collie
Border Collie Rescue of Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia
(404) 876-4944

Southwest Georgia Boxer Rescue
(229) 881-2389


Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America National Rescue Guide
(770) 466-5087

Chow Chow 
Chow Chow Information and Adoption Center

Chihuahua Rescue                                              

Chinese Shar Pei Rescue Club

Cocker Spaniel
Southeastern Cocker Rescue

Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center

Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Georgia
Laura Baird 706-245-5394
Susan Roman 770-944-6614

Coonhound Connection">Coonhound 

 Coonhound Rescue                                                      

Collie Rescue of Metro-Atlanta, Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia

Florida East Coast Cocker Spaniel Rescue
               Florida East Coast Cocker Spaniel Rescue 


Dachshund Adoption and RescuE (DARE)

Dachshund Rescue of North America
Senoia, Georgia
(770) 599-0155

Dalmatian Rescue Resources

Dalmatian Rescue in cooperation with Paulding Volunteer Animal Rescue

Doberman Pinscher

German Shepherd
German Shepherd Rescue
Elon College, North Carolina

German Shorthaired Pointer                          
German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America Rescue

Golden Retriever
Dixie Golden Retriever Rescue
Norcross, Georgia
(404) 636-9636

Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia
(770) 915-4922

Great Dane
Great Dane Rescue, Inc.

Great Dane Club of America                        

Great Pyrenees                           

Greyt Friends, Inc
Marietta, Georgia
(770) 971-8788

Journey's End Keeshond Rescue
6116 Garden City Road
Crestview, Florida 32539
Web Site:
(850) 689-2349
Cell (850) 582-3372

Labrador Retriever
Labrador Rescue of Atlanta
Peachtree City, Georgia
(770) 915-4922

Mastiff Club of America - Mastiff Rescue
South Atlantic Region
(440) 639-1160

Rescue SE Georgia

Norwegian Elkhound
Norwegian Elkhound Rescue

Southeast Pug Rescue & Adoption Inc.
Suwanee, Georgia
(770) 887-9741

Rat Terrier
Ratbone Rescues

Southern States Rottweiler Rescue

Saint Bernard Hospice & Rescue
Milledgeville, Georgia
(912) 453-9288

NW Georgia Schnauzer Rescue

Georgia Samoyed Rescue
Statham, Georgia 
(770) 725-9372

Sheltie Rescue of Georgia
Woodstock, Georgia
(770) 926-2001

Siberian Husky
Siberian Husky Rescue Site

Springer Spaniel
Chattahoochee English Springer Spaniel Club
of Greater Atlanta, Inc.

Wheaten Rescue                                                                 
                                               Yorkshire Terrier Rescue Network, Inc

Back Top

Rescue and Other Organizations (All Breeds) 

Animal Rescue Foundation
Milledgeville, Georgia
(478) 454-1273

Bryan County Animal Caregivers
Richmond Hill, Georgia
(912) 727-2694

Coweta Pet  Savers                                                                      

Gwinnett Friends of the Shelter
(770) 662-6188

Newnan-Coweta Humane Society 

Homeless Animal Rescue and Placement Services, Inc.
Warner Robins, Georgia
(912) 827-8020

Pet Orphans Rescue and Adoptions
Atlanta, Georgia 
(770) 587-1571

Pickens Animal Rescue
Jasper, Georgia
(706) 692-2772

Rescue Cats                      

Second Chance Animal Rescue and Adoptions (SCARA)


New Jersey Rescue, Foster & Transport:



Southern Rescue
Southern Rescue
has a list of volunteers willing to help with transport. You can join the list or use it. Go to the website and click on the "transport" button. You can join to contact any of the volunteers.


Mitzeymoes! T! ransport
A new list (November 2000) for posting requests for transports and home checks. Also planning to establish a database with a state-by- state listing of transporters available, people available to do home checks, and foster homes (long and short term), both all-breed and breed specific.

Basset Hounds:

Cocker Spaniels:
Con! ta! ct via website or by telephone: (865) 487-5379.

Dachshund Underground Railroad:

English Bulldogs:

Golden Retrievers:
Contact Helen Redlus, the founder of this organization, E-mail:, who has a database of information on people who can assist with a CUR run for a Golden in need.

Arizona Weimaraner Transport: Brian Lamb

Breed-specific Transport


Animal Land Pet Movers (Atlanta) - (877) 379-8625

Pet Air - (877) FLY-PETS

Happy Tails Pet Services, Inc.

Animal-Port Houston





Driving Directions

The Mapquest site is a great way to get driving directions, if you're unfamiliar with your destination.


Please E-mail us if you have additional information on rescue transport boards, E-mail lists or other resources.

The Use of Temperament Tests are KILLING many wonderful "Shelter Dogs" who through no fault of their own fail these poorly designed tests. Shelter Dogs should not be judged on their behavior while being stressed at a strange shelter. The use of temperament evaulation to justify killing of those labeled unadoptable is NOT a solution in building NO-KILL community's. This group will explore alternate solutions - including seeking out options in rescue and retraining.

This group is dedicated to Flash a basset who too was destined to die based on a failed temperament tests. With retraining that addressed Flash's behavioral issues Flash is currently alive and well living with his NEW family instead.

The Road To No Kill Community's can not be built through death by temperament testing at our shelters.


National Geographic For Kids - Quality Kids Learning Site - Animal Planet - One of the Best Animal Sites

Disney Channel - Amazing Animals - Animals and Wildlife Learning Guide

BBC Online - Animals & Nature - A Jolly Good Site From England

Great Links to Live Zoo Animal Web Cams.Great Links to Live Zoo Animal Web Cams.Great Links to Live Zoo Animal Web Cams.

Live Web Cams
Hats off to a great link. Zooish Great Links features animal links, zoo links, zoo web cam links, science links, dinosaur links, dinosaur museum links, astronomy links, and family links to live CAMS worldwide.

Go to EarthCam Index
Go to EarthCam Animals    Go to EarthCam Space & Science

Hats off to a great link. Zooish Great Links features animal links, zoo links, zoo web cam links, science links, dinosaur links, dinosaur museum links, astronomy links, and family links.Discovery Channel Cams. Supported by Wildlife Conservation Society

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