Nancy C., our 12 year old star teen 
trainer and foster mom holds the 16th foster puppy she has saved and trained 
so that the puppy can be a valued a 
loved member of a new family.

A 20 year dream of founder Denise De Vynck: 
a natural place away from the hustle and bustle 
of the city where kids and animals can feel safe, 
loved and valued; a place where kids are given 
the opportunity to find a sense of self-worth 
where they can learn compassion of all of God's 
creatures. These are just a few of the descriptions 
of the Save A Dog and Kids Ranch. What better 
way to teach our kids the value of life, giving and 
hard work than by having them care for, gain the 
trust of, and save innocent animals. All of us have 
felt the wonderful feeling created by movies like 
Where the Red Fern Grows, Lassie, Born Free, 
The Black Stallion
and so many more -- a feeling 
of love and caring for animals. Our young generations 
are losing this appreciation of the innocence, 
helplessness and suffering animals and children 
experience as well as the joy, satisfaction and beauty 
of life. They're not learning about the wonderful 
relationships that can
develop between a human being 
and a loving "best friend." 

Our farming communities are disappearing, and our natural habitats are fighting for
survival against human consumption and technology.  We're losing old-fashioned 
values like a hard work ethic and appreciation for the the simple things that are most 
valuable: life, love, sacrifice, responsibility, honor, morality, and the miracle of God's 
creations.  We hope to give these values back to our young generation as well as remind 
our older generation of their existence. By working with animals that need special care, 
love and training the kids will learn the value of hard work, patience and giving all they 
can for results that are more rewarding than anything else they could have done for 
themselves. No virtual reality man can create can compare to the experience, joy and 
satisfaction nature gives us unconditionally, free of charge and so wisely. Let's give 
this great gift to our children by giving them this beautiful, peaceful and loving place to go.


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