Mall Adoptions with the kids 
gives them the opportunity to 
help the dogs and have 
something positive to do.


Many kids can spend their 
Saturdays holding a puppy thanks 
to businesses like SLC Bad 
Ass Coffee Company who hosted 
and advertised our Adoption Fair for over 4 years.  

We participate in all the local events like Strutt Your Mutts all over Utah, Park City 4th of July Parade two years in a row, Utah State Fair two years in a row, and other County Fairs, to show our dogs for adoption, advertise our program with donated t-shirts, and give our teens a chance to see what fun events there are for dogs in our community. Our Kids CLub kids are ambassadors to the world for the dogs.



Our Kids Club kids visit less fortunate kids with their foster puppies and bring them a little love and joy!

Our Kids CLub and 8 puppies were invited to be the Half Time Show for the UTAH STARZZ WNBA Basketball Game in the Delta Center by No More Homeless Pets, and by the UTAH STARZZ   the next Summer who gave us our own Big Tent.  Thanks PETSMART Director Cary Drage for bringing us over 5,000 Dog Squeaky Toys to pass out to the public.  They were great noise makers during the game!


The Kids Club kids perform for other dog owners at Dog Training Days events sponsored by local businesses like WILD OATS MARKETS.

Save A Dog also hosts as many parties as we can to 
raise funds for the program with help from local 
businesses. Free dinners and other prizes for the costume contest, donated food and entertainment made our last Halloween Party a fun time for all.  




Our Kids Club had fun making costumes and competing in the Halloween party at Atherton Dog Park to help raise money for a new Dog Park.




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