Doggie Wish List for Santa

Land, barn and home for Kids Ranch to house the rescued dogs and horses for kids to come work with. 

Funding to run the program to hire trainers, provide transportation, veterinary, and other needs of the animals.

Volunteers, teachers, dog and horse trainers, rescuers, and other professionals to bring this program to kids all over the US. 

Webmaster, DSL Internet SERVICE Provider for 2003(Thanks Steve for donating Comcast DSL)We wlost our sponsor due to Comcast Supervisor threatening him.  We now have to pay $48 a month for business service. We are in need of sponsor to replace this one lost, but COMCAST won't sponsor our nonprofit.

Lap Top Computer  with database programs,
digital photo programs, video editing of kids performing, needed to run the rescue of dogs from shelters,
communicate with potential owners, media and other rescues  (Thanks and Rebecca for donating the new digital camera)

  Dog Tags, Nutra Nuggets Dog Food, leashes, collars, dishes and toys.(THANK YOU DOG OWNERS)

  Graphic Design and Printing of T-shirts and Signs for
teen helpers and dog mobile.

New tires: Michelin P265/70R16 LTX  for Dog Mobile
(The dogs put 50,000 miles in past year). (THANKS DENISE FOR KEEPING THE 4RUNNER GOING AFTER 155,000 MILES FOR THE DOGS)

Digital Video Camera and computer Editing Software to input video of shelter dogs,
dogs in foster homes, and clicker training classes on web site and to solicit funding. 

Foster homes to take in little homeless pups and volunteers to hold them at adoptions.(Thanks Angela & family, Kathy & family, JoEllen & family 2003)

Donation for operations of Tillie $250 (THANKS PAT FOR ADOPTING HER), Littleman's operation $600 (THANKS JEFF), Precious $900 leg amputation (Thanks Cottonwood Animal Hospital)and paying off of $6,000 debt for dogs (We NEED TO PAY OFF CREDIT CARDS PLEASE).

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